Dreamflows Stanislaus - Goodwin Dam Release Schedule - 2018
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Releases on the Stanislaus River from Goodwin Dam - 2018

In the table that follows, each date is color-coded according to the kind of release scheduled for that day:

 Scheduled release is not yet known.
 Scheduled release: Less than 2000 cfs below Goodwin Dam.
 Scheduled release: 2000 cfs or more below Goodwin Dam.
 Ramping up/down from Goodwin Dam.
Note: Scheduled release information provided by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.


May 2018
21,500 cfs
 all day
3Ramping down
to 1,000 cfs
4Change to
 750 cfs at 4am
5Ramping up
to 1,500 cfs
6Ramping up
to 2,300 cfs
7Ramping up
to 3,000 cfs
8Change to
 2,600 cfs at 4am
9Ramping down
to 2,100 cfs
10Change to
 3,000 cfs at 4am
113,000 cfs
 all day
123,000 cfs
 all day
133,000 cfs
 all day
143,000 cfs
 all day
153,000 cfs
 all day
163,000 cfs
 all day
173,000 cfs
 all day
183,000 cfs
 all day
193,000 cfs
 all day
203,000 cfs
 all day
213,000 cfs
 all day
223,000 cfs
 all day
233,000 cfs
 all day
243,000 cfs
 all day
253,000 cfs
 all day
263,000 cfs
 all day
273,000 cfs
 all day
283,000 cfs
 all day
29Ramping down
to 2,400 cfs
302,300 cfs
 all day
31Ramping down
to 2,000 cfs

Water Management Issues:

1.  Times reflect releases at Goodwin Dam.  It takes approximately four hours for the water to travel from Goodwin Dam to Orange Blossom Bridge.

2.  Releases shown were minimum expected releases.  Actual releases could have been higher than shown.