Dreamflows Kern - Lake Isabella Release Schedule - 2019
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Releases on the Kern River from Lake Isabella - 2019

In the table that follows, each date is color-coded according to the kind of release scheduled for that day:

 Scheduled release: Less than 600 cfs below Lake Isabella.
 Ramping up/down from Lake Isabella.
Note: Scheduled release information provided by the Army Corps of Engineers.


January 2019
    1215 cfs
 all day
2215 cfs
 all day
3215 cfs
 all day
4215 cfs
 all day
5Change to
 237 cfs at 3pm
6237 cfs
 all day
7237 cfs
 all day
8Change to
 299 cfs at 7pm
9Change to
 350 cfs at noon
10350 cfs
 all day
11Change to
 317 cfs at 10am
12317 cfs
 all day
13317 cfs
 all day
14Change to
 303 cfs at 9am
15303 cfs
 all day
16303 cfs
 all day
17303 cfs
 all day
18303 cfs
 all day
19303 cfs
 all day
20303 cfs
 all day
21303 cfs
 all day
22303 cfs
 all day
23Ramping up
to 360 cfs
24Ramping up
to 420 cfs
25Ramping up
to 428 cfs then
down to 371 cfs
26Change to
 360 cfs at 3pm
27Change to
 348 cfs at 4pm
28Change to
 295 cfs at 2pm
29295 cfs
 all day
30295 cfs
 all day
31Change to
 55 cfs at 4pm

Water Management Issues:

1.  Times reflect releases at Isabella Dam.  It takes approximately one hour for the water to travel from Lake Isabella to Miracle Hot Springs.

2.  Releases shown were minimum expected releases.  Actual releases could have been higher than shown.