Dreamflows Clear Creek - Whiskeytown Lake Release Schedule
"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Releases on Clear Creek from Whiskeytown Lake

In the table that follows, each date is color-coded according to the kind of release scheduled for that day:

 Scheduled release is not yet known.
 Scheduled release: Less than 200 cfs below Whiskeytown Lake.
 Scheduled release: 500 or more below Whiskeytown Lake.
 Ramping up/down from Whiskeytown Lake.
 Estimated release based on most recent scheduled release.
Note: "Estimated releases" (if present) are best guesses generated by Dreamflows.
Note: All other scheduled release information provided by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.


June 2018
          1150 cfs
 all day
2Ramping up
to 375 cfs
3Ramping up
to 625 cfs
4Ramping up
to 700 cfs
5Ramping down
to 430 cfs
6Ramping down
to 290 cfs
7Ramping down
to 225 cfs
8Ramping down
to 180 cfs
9Change to
 165 cfs at 8am
10Ramping down
to 150 cfs
11150 cfs
 all day
12150 cfs
 all day
13150 cfs
 all day
14150 cfs
 all day
15150 cfs
 all day
16Ramping up
to 400 cfs
17Ramping up
to 775 cfs
18800 cfs
 all day
19Ramping down
to 660 cfs
20Ramping down
to 415 cfs
21Ramping down
to 290 cfs
22Ramping down
to 215 cfs
23Ramping down
to 170 cfs
24Change to
 155 cfs at 11am
25Change to
 150 cfs at 8am
26150 cfs
all day