Dreamflows Daily Report - Mon, Dec 11, 2017
Northwest States

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Idaho Rivers MON SUN SAT 
  Time    12/11/17     12/10/17     12/09/17    BBS  Comments/Links
SnakeNear Irwinnoon3,400 3,400 3,400 2008 
Henrys ForkBelow Coffee Pot Rapidsn/a  Site currently not operational
Henrys ForkNear Ashtonnoon1,150 1,200 1,050 
Fall RiverNear SquirrelnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
TetonNear DriggsnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
TetonNear St. Anthonynoon500 460 490 
BlackfootNear Shelleyn/a  Flow currently unavailable
SnakeAt Milner River Onlynoon0 0  
SnakeAt Milner Total Flownoon5,250 5,250  
Camas CreekNear Blainenoon19 16 19 
BruneauAt RowlandnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen
JarbidgeBelow JarbidgenoonFrozen Frozen 9
BruneauNear Hot Springsnoon77 96 105
E. Fk OwyheeAt Crutcher Crossingnoon53 45 50 Water 32°F
OwyheeNear Romenoon210 210 200 2009
Succor CreekNear Homedalenoon22 23 21 
BoiseNear Twin Springsnoon600 600 650 
So. BoiseBelow Anderson Ranch Damnoon300 300 300 2007 
BoiseAt Glenwood Bridgenoon260 270 270 2017 
No. PayetteAt McCallnoon195 210 220 2008 
No. PayetteAt Cascadenoon190 205  2008Water 36°F
No. PayetteAt Otters Runnoon270 250 270 2013 
Mi. PayetteNear Crouchnoon180 160 230 2008 
DeadwoodBelow Deadwood Damnoon250 250 245 2008 
So. PayetteAt LowmannoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 2008 
So. PayetteNear Garden Valley (est)n/a   2008Insufficient data available to estimate flow
So. PayetteBelow Deer Creek (est)noon1,100 1,100  200886% confidence actual flow is between 875 and 1350 cfs
PayetteNear Horseshoe Bendnoon1,500 1,550 1,650 2008 
SnakeBelow Hells Canyon Damnoon18,500 14,000 Hells Canyon Permit
SalmonNear Claytonnoon700 675 700 
Mi. SalmonAt Middle Fork Lodgenoon2.11ft 2.09ft 2.11ft 2008MF Salmon Permit
Mi. SalmonAt MouthnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
E. Fk So. SalmonAbove Sugar CreeknoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Johnson CreekAt Yellow Pinenoon185 175 175 
So. SalmonAt Krasselnoon350 330 350 
Little SalmonAt Rigginsnoon245 245 260 
SalmonAt White Birdnoon6,000 6,250 6,250 2005Water 32°F + Wild and Scenic Permit
No. ClearwaterNear Canyon Ranger StnnoonFrozen Frozen 1,350 
LochsaNear LowellnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
SelwayNear LowellnoonFrozen Frozen FrozenSelway Permit
So. ClearwaterAt StitesnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Lolo CreekNear GreernoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Saint JoeAt Red Ives Ranger StnnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Saint JoeAt Caldernoon950 1,000 925 
PackNear Colburnnoon130 125 110 
Boundary CreekNear Porthillnoon140 125 100 
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