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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

California North Coast   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments/Links
No. SmithAt Gasquet (est)8:45pm  Low    May 26  Estimate is outside the model's range of 500-10000 cfs
Mi. SmithAt Gasquet (est)8:45pm  Low    May 26  Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-6000 cfs
SmithSteel Pipe At Gasquetn/a      May 26  Flow currently unavailable
SmithAt Oregon Hole Gorge (est)9:45pm  435    May 26  90% confidence actual flow is between 350 and 525 cfs + Falling 2 cfs/hr
So. SmithNear Hiouchi (est)9:45pm  510    2012  90% confidence actual flow is between 430 and 575 cfs + Falling 2 cfs/hr
SmithAt Jedediah Smith9:45pm  945  6.06ft  2014  Falling 3 cfs/hr
KlamathJ.C. Boyle Schedule (sched)11:30pm  400    
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle Plant9:45pm  371  2.96ft  
KlamathBelow Iron Gate Dam10:15pm  1,030  2.12ft  2009 
ShastaNear Yreka10:00pm  97  3.11ft  
KlamathBelow Seiad Valley10:00pm  2,730  3.93ft  2009  Falling 14 cfs/hr
Kidder CreekBelow Babs Fork (est)10:30pm  Low    2011 
ScottNear Fort Jones10:30pm  675  6.44ft  2010  Falling 2 cfs/hr
Indian CreekNear Happy Camp (Klamath)9:45pm  153  4.28ft  
KlamathAt Orleans10:30pm  6,120  6.01ft  2009  Water 66°F
KlamathAt Klamath Glen10:30pm  11,700  11.82ft   Water 68°F
No. SalmonNear Forks of Salmon (est)8:30pm  524    Apr 6  90% confidence actual flow is between 420 and 625 cfs + Falling 5 cfs/hr
So. SalmonAt Forks of Salmon (est)8:30pm  760    2014  90% confidence actual flow is between 600 and 900 cfs + Falling 7 cfs/hr
SalmonAt Somes Bar10:30pm  1,870  3.97ft  May 9  Falling 18 cfs/hr
Coffee CreekAbove Trinity River (est)10:30pm  409    2011  88% confidence actual flow is between 330 and 490 cfs
TrinityAbove Coffee Creek10:30pm  317  4.12ft  May 30 
TrinityInflow Trinity Laken/a      2016  See the daily report for flow information
TrinityBelow Lewiston Dam10:45pm  2,210  16.00ft  2016  Schedule
TrinityAt Douglas City10:00pm  2,396  8.52ft  2016  Water 52°F
Indian CreekNear Douglas City10:30pm  10  0.93ft  2012 
No. TrinityAt Helena10:00pm  362  4.93ft  2014  Rising 3 cfs/hr
TrinityAt Pigeon Point9:45pm  2,952    2016 
TrinityAt Cedar Flat9:45pm  3,000  7.00ft  2016 
New RiverAt Denny (est)8:00pm  Low    2008  Estimate is outside the model's range of 200-1500 cfs
New RiverNew River Gorge (est)n/a      2011  Recent trends + Flow currently unavailable
Hayfork CreekAt Hyampom (est)n/a       No estimate for this time of year
So. TrinityAt Forest Glen (est)2:30pm  254     90% confidence actual flow is between 205 and 300 cfs
So. TrinityBelow Hyampom10:30pm  453  3.14ft  2010 
TrinityAt Hoopa10:00pm  3,780  15.10ft  2016  Water 67°F + Falling 13 cfs/hr
Redwood CreekAt Hwy 2999:45pm  38  1.55ft  2012 
Redwood CreekAt Orick10:15pm  250  10.51ft  2009 
Mad RiverAbove Ruth Lake10:00pm  8  3.26ft  
Mad RiverAt Arcata9:45pm  174  5.51ft  2011  Falling 3 cfs/hr
Van DuzenAt Bridgeville10:15pm  64  0.61ft  2016 
EelRel Lake Pillsbury (est)n/a      2015  See the daily report for flow information
EelInflow Van Arsdale (est)n/a      2010  See the daily report for flow information
EelBelow Van Arsdale Dam9:00pm  55    
EelBelow Outlet Creek (est)4:15pm  Low    2015  Estimate is outside the model's range of 600-15000 cfs
Mi. EelNear Dos Rios10:00pm  168  5.42ft  2011 
EelAt Fort Seward10:15pm  577  8.75ft  2009 
So. EelAt Leggett10:30pm  170  6.30ft  2016 
So. EelAt Miranda10:30pm  220  7.10ft  
EelAt Scotia10:15pm  818  9.79ft  2009 
MattoleNear Ettersburg10:00pm  33  9.51ft  2010 
Noyo RiverBelow South Fork10:15pm  26  3.25ft  
Rancheria CreekAt Mountain View Rd (est)n/a      Apr 10  No estimate for this time of year
NavarroNear Navarro10:15pm  40  2.16ft  2016 
GarciaAt Eureka Hill Road10:00pm    2.27ft  
So. GualalaNear Sea Ranch9:45pm  24  4.58ft  
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