Dreamflows Realtime Report - Apr 30, 2017 @ 1:30pm PDT

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

Nevada Rivers   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments/Links
BruneauAt Rowland12:30pm  478  6.08ft  
JarbidgeBelow Jarbidge1:00pm  57  3.84ft  
BruneauNear Hot Springs2:00pm  1,360  7.03ft  
E. Fk OwyheeAt Crutcher Crossingn/a       See the daily report for flow information
OwyheeNear Romen/a      2009  See the daily report for flow information
TruckeeNear Floriston12:30pm  5,710  8.45ft  2012 
TruckeeAt Reno1:15pm  5,660  9.73ft   Festival
W. Fk CarsonAt Woodfords12:30pm  432  12.44ft  
E. Fk CarsonNear Markleeville1:00pm  1,430  4.80ft  Apr 24  Falling 11 cfs/hr
E. Fk CarsonNear Gardnerville12:30pm  1,660  11.30ft  2011 
CarsonNear Carson City12:15pm  2,040  5.23ft  2011 
West WalkerBelow Little Walker River12:30pm  954  3.59ft  2009  Falling 4 cfs/hr
West WalkerAt Walker1:15pm  670  5.74ft   Falling 10 cfs/hr
East WalkerNear Bridgeport12:30pm  425  4.27ft  
Lower ColoradoBelow Hoover Dam12:30pm  5,687    
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