Dreamflows Realtime Report
Jun 20, 2018 @ 8:15am PDT


This flow information reflects conditions only at the time measurements were taken.  Flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates based on other flow values, and may therefore be wildly inaccurate (see Estimate Information).  In addition, release changes, rainfall or snowmelt can cause dramatic changes to all flows.  Therefore, actual flows may differ significantly from the ones listed here.

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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Flow Data Format:
RiverName - GaugeLocation WeatherIcon BBS
Time; Flow; Gauge; Comments

California Sacramento Valley

Sacramento - Below Box Canyon Dam     Apr 7
n/a; n/a; n/a; Recent flows + Flow currently unavailable

Sacramento - At Delta     Apr 5
7:30am; 264 cfs; 4.12ft

McCloud - Above McCloud Res     Apr 14
7:30am; 812 cfs; 1.47ft

McCloud - Below McCloud Dam   
7:15am; 225 cfs; n/a

McCloud - At Ah-Di-Na     2009
7:30am; 219 cfs; 1.32ft

McCloud - At Shasta Lake     2010
8:00am; 362 cfs; 9.83ft; Water 58°F

Pit - At Canby   
6:45am; 58 cfs; 2.76ft

Pit - Above Pit 1 Powerhouse     2015
6:00am; 657 cfs; n/a

Pit - Below Pit 1 Powerhouse     2017
8:00am; 1,028 cfs; 5.23ft

Pit - Below Pit 3 Dam   
5:00am; 340 cfs; n/a

Pit - Below Pit 4 Dam     2011
5:00am; 463 cfs; n/a

Pit - At Big Bend     Jun 1
5:00am; 576 cfs; n/a

Sacramento - Below Keswick Dam   
7:45am; 10,900 cfs; 13.85ft

Clear Creek - Below Whiskeytown Lake     2012
7:45am; 605 cfs; 4.44ft; Schedule + Water 52°F

So. Battle Creek - Below Coleman Div Dam   
5:00am; 31 cfs; n/a

Battle Creek - Above Baldwin Creek     May 2
8:00am; 137 cfs; n/a

Battle Creek - At Coleman Fish Hatchery     2017
7:30am; 317 cfs; 1.20ft; Falling 2 cfs/hr

No. Cottonwood - Above Middle Fork (est)     2010
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Mi. Cottonwood - Above North Fork (est)     2009
1:00am; Low; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 200-1500 cfs

So. Cottonwood - At Bowman Road (est)     2009
4:00am; Low; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 100-1000 cfs

Sacramento - At Bend Bridge     2011
7:45am; 12,696 cfs; 5.43ft; Water 54°F

Antelope Creek - Above Cone Grove Rd (est)     2012
7:15am; Low; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-1500 cfs

Elder Creek - At Lowrey Road     2009
7:30am; 1 cfs; 0.65ft

Mill Creek - At End of Canyon     2017
7:45am; 165 cfs; 2.14ft; Water 67°F

Deer Creek - Near Vina     2011
7:15am; 123 cfs; 1.25ft; Water 69°F

Sacramento - At Vina-Woodson Bridge   
7:45am; 10,554 cfs; 168.17ft

Stony Creek - Above Rainbow Diversion   
7:00am; 67 cfs; 1288.98ft

Stony Creek - Above Stony Creek Res   
7:00am; 106 cfs; 892.30ft

Grindstone Creek - Near Grindstone Rancheria   
7:00am; 0 cfs; 629.97ft

Stony Creek - Above Black Butte Lake   
7:00am; 149 cfs; 498.57ft

Butte Creek - Near Chico     Apr 1
8:00am; 159 cfs; 1.23ft

No. Cache Creek - Above Indian Valley Res   
7:00am; 5 cfs; 2.44ft

No. Cache Creek - Rel Indian Valley Dam     May 7
8:00am; 534 cfs; 4.12ft

No. Cache Creek - Near Chalk Mountain   
8:00am; n/a; 4.16ft

Cache Creek - Below Clear Lake   
7:30am; 104 cfs; 3.15ft

Bear Creek - Above Cache Creek     2008
7:30am; 3 cfs; 4.05ft

Cache Creek - At Rumsey Bridge     May 28
7:45am; 660 cfs; 2.57ft

Putah Creek - Below Hwy 29   
7:30am; 18 cfs; 4.59ft

Putah Creek - Below Lake Berryessa     2015
7:00am; 543 cfs; 7.99ft

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