Dreamflows Realtime Report - Jan 17, 2019 @ 10:15am PST

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California North Coast
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California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
California East Sierra
Nevada Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
California Sacramento Valley   Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
SacramentoBelow Box Canyon Damn/a  2018 Recent flows + Flow currently unavailable
SacramentoAt Delta9:30am8,490 10.19ft 2018 Falling 378 cfs/hr
McCloudAbove McCloud Res9:30am1,344 2.31ft Jan 5 Rising 29 cfs/hr
McCloudBelow McCloud Dam8:30am264 
McCloudAt Ah-Di-Na9:30am1,109 3.34ft 2009
McCloudAt Shasta Lake10:00am6,700 15.95ft Jan 13 Water 48°F
PitAt Canby8:45am287 3.57ft
PitAbove Pit 1 Powerhouse9:00am795  2015
PitBelow Pit 1 Powerhouse10:00am1,806 6.12ft Sep 11
PitBelow Pit 3 Dam6:00am394  Oct 11
PitBelow Pit 4 Dam6:00am447  2011
PitAt Big Bend6:00am773  Oct 11
SacramentoBelow Keswick Dam9:45am3,720 8.06ft
Clear CreekBelow Whiskeytown Lake9:45am790 4.85ft 2012 Schedule + Water 49°F
So. Battle CreekBelow Coleman Div Dam6:00am1,530 
Battle CreekAbove Baldwin Creek10:00am2,037  2018 Falling 166 cfs/hr
Battle CreekAt Coleman Fish Hatchery9:30am3,030 4.52ft 2017 Falling 301 cfs/hr
No. CottonwoodAbove Middle Fork (est)n/a  2010 No estimate for this time of year
Mi. CottonwoodAbove North Fork (est)3:00amHigh  2009 Estimate is outside the model's range of 200-1500 cfs
So. CottonwoodAt Bowman Road (rough)6:00amHigh  2009 Estimate is outside the model's range of 100-1000 cfs
SacramentoAt Bend Bridge9:45am56,569 19.38ft 2011 Water 50°F
Antelope CreekAbove Cone Grove Rd (rough)9:15amHigh  2012 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-1500 cfs
Elder CreekAt Lowrey Road9:30am923 4.45ft 2009 Falling 57 cfs/hr
Mill CreekAt End of Canyon9:45am4,118 8.09ft 2017 Water 47°F + Rising 299 cfs/hr
Deer CreekNear Vina9:15am3,300 6.91ft 2011 Water 48°F + Falling 44 cfs/hr
SacramentoAt Vina-Woodson Bridge9:45am83,072 182.45ft
Stony CreekAbove Rainbow Diversion9:00am2,236 1291.43ft Falling 23 cfs/hr
Stony CreekAbove Stony Creek Res9:00am6,237 896.31ft
Grindstone CreekNear Grindstone Rancheria9:00am803 634.31ft
Stony CreekAbove Black Butte Laken/a  Flow currently unavailable
Butte CreekNear Chico10:00am2,749 4.36ft 2018 Water 48°F
No. Cache CreekAbove Indian Valley Res9:00am1,970 7.79ft Falling 42 cfs/hr
No. Cache CreekRel Indian Valley Dam10:00am11 1.23ft 2018 Schedule
No. Cache CreekNear Chalk Mountain10:00am 2.92ft
Cache CreekBelow Clear Lake9:30am6 2.12ft
Bear CreekAbove Cache Creek9:30am932 7.90ft 2008 Falling 159 cfs/hr
Cache CreekAt Rumsey Bridge9:45am3,624 5.56ft 2018
Putah CreekBelow Hwy 299:30am4,780 12.20ft Rising 94 cfs/hr
Putah CreekBelow Lake Berryessa9:00am116 6.40ft 2015 Falling 22 cfs/hr
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