Dreamflows Realtime Report - Mar 26, 2019 @ 4:22am PDT

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California North Coast
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California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
California East Sierra
Nevada Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
California West Sierra - Northern   Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
Indian CreekBelow Indian Falls4:00am1,763 12.17ft 2011
Spanish CreekNear Keddie3:30am1,560 4.91ft 2014 Rising 166 cfs/hr
No. FeatherBelow Belden Dam1:00am1,162  2018
Eb. No. FeatherBelow Virgilian/a  Flow currently unavailable
No. FeatherBelow Rock Creek Dam1:00am1,526  Oct 30
No. FeatherBelow Grizzly Creek1:00am2,401  Oct 30
No. FeatherBelow Poe Dam1:00am3,044  2014
West Br FeatherAt Whiskey Flat Bridge3:30am1,754 2.26ft 2013 Rising 71 cfs/hr
Mi. FeatherNear Portola3:30am667 4.72ft Falling 3 cfs/hr
Mi. FeatherBelow Sloat (est)n/a  2016 Insufficient data available to estimate flow
Mi. FeatherAt Milsap Bar4:00am4,433 9.50ft 2017 Please report trip + Rising 92 cfs/hr
So. FeatherBelow Little Grass Valley4:00am 0.00ft Oct 1
So. FeatherBelow SF Diversion Dam4:15am55 6.22ft Water 42°F
Lost CreekBelow Lost Creek Res4:15am18 5.19ft Water 40°F
So. FeatherBelow Forbestown Div Dam4:15am132 5.89ft 2017 Water 42°F
Lavezzola CreekAbove Downie River (est)2:45am176  2016 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion + Rising 4 cfs/hr
Pauley CreekAt Pauley Creek Falls (est)2:45am163  2016 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion + Rising 4 cfs/hr
No. YubaAt Sierra City (rough)2:45amLow  2017 Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-3000 cfs
No. YubaBelow Goodyears Bar3:45am1,350 5.28ft 2014 Rising 32 cfs/hr
No. YubaAbove Slate Creek3:30am2,266 7.76ft Rising 82 cfs/hr
Slate CreekBelow Diversion Dam4:15am861 7.50ft Water 32°F
No. YubaInflow New Bullards Bar (est)3:00am3,963  Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
No. YubaBelow New Bullards Barn/a  2011 Flow currently unavailable
Mi. YubaBelow Jackson Meadows3:45am9  2011
Mi. YubaBelow Milton Dam3:45am4 4.71ft 2011
Mi. YubaAbove Our House Damn/a  Data are preliminary and subject to revision + Flow currently unavailable
Mi. YubaBelow Our House Dam3:00am42 17.30ft 2017
So. YubaNear Cisco1:00am164 3.18ft 2013 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Fordyce CreekBelow Fordyce Damn/a  2018 Data are preliminary and subject to revision + Flow currently unavailable
Canyon CreekBelow French Laken/a  2018 Site currently not operational
Canyon CreekBelow Bowman Lake3:30am263 5.56ft 2018
So. YubaAt Lang Crossing1:00am31 36.58ft 2016 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
So. YubaAt Hwy 49 Bridge3:00am1,083 6.57ft 2017
YubaBelow Englebright Dam3:30am10,364 14.57ft Schedule
Deer CreekNear Smartville4:00am536 4.53ft
YubaBelow Deer Creek3:30am10,890 
BearAt Hwy 20 Bridge1:00am144 2.60ft 2008 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
BearBelow Drum Afterbay1:00am13 0.99ft 2008 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
BearBelow Dutch Flat Afterbay3:30am7  2011
BearAt Hwy 174 Bridge3:30am1,194 3.52ft 2011
No. AmericanInflow Lake Clementine3:15am1,580 2.02ft 2017 Rising 4 cfs/hr
Mi. AmericanBelow French Meadows4:15am13 5.22ft
RubiconBelow Rubicon Dam4:15am17 
RubiconBelow Hell Hole Dam4:15am23 4.10ft 2013
So. RubiconBelow Gerle Creek4:00am26 2.14ft
RubiconAt Ellicott Bridge4:00am510 2.77ft 2017 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
RubiconAbove Ralston Powerhouse4:15am1,039 3.37ft
No. Mi. AmericanAt Mosquito Ridge Rd (est)n/a  2013 See the daily report for flow information
Mi. AmericanAbove Tunnel Chute4:00am2,745 12.17ft 2018 Rising 13 cfs/hr
No. AmericanAbove Pump Station4:15am4,947 10.02ft Water 46°F
Silver Fk AmericanBelow Oyster Creek3:00am23  2013
Silver Fk AmericanAbove SF American (est)3:00am298  2018
So. AmericanBelow Kyburz3:00am306 2.99ft 2017
So. AmericanBelow Alder Creek4:00am395  2017
South SilverAbove Ice House Reservoir4:00am42  2017
So. Silver CreekBelow Ice House Reservoir4:15am27  2018 Schedule + Shuttle
Silver CreekBelow Camino Dam4:15am34  2017
So. AmericanSlab Creek Res Elevation3:00am 1824.74ft
So. AmericanBelow Slab Creek Dam4:15am198  Feb 15 Schedule + Shuttle
So. AmericanAt Chili Bar4:15am2,438  Mar 8 Schedule + Shuttle + News and Rumors
No. Weber CreekInflow Weber Res3:00am15 2.56ft 2013
So. AmericanBelow Weber Creek3:45am  Reports only water temperature + Water 46°F
AmericanFolsom Elev NF Paddle Out2:00am 438.00ft 2016 Paddle out to Rattlesnake Bar: 3.8 miles (approx.)
AmericanFolsom Elev SF Paddle Out2:00am 438.00ft 2016 Paddle out to Skunk Hollow: 0.8 miles (approx.)
AmericanFolsom Lake Elevation2:00am 438.00ft
AmericanBelow Lake Natoma4:15am5,200 7.06ft 2016 Schedule + Water 49°F
No. CosumnesAt Sand Ridge Rd2:00am733 7.29ft
Mi. CosumnesAt Mt Aukum Rd3:00am528 6.59ft 2014
CosumnesAt Michigan Bar3:30am2,020 5.78ft 2014 Falling 14 cfs/hr
No. MokelumneSalt Springs Inflown/a  2015 See the daily report for flow information
No. MokelumneBelow Salt Springs Res1:00am147  2018
No. MokelumneAbove Tiger Cr Afterbay1:00am710  2015
No. MokelumneBelow Tiger Creek Dam1:00am718  2018
No. MokelumneBelow West Point P.H.1:00am718  2008
MokelumneBelow Electra Powerhouse (est)1:00am1,418  2018
MokelumneAt Highway 49 Bridgen/a  Flow currently unavailable
MokelumneInflow Pardee Res (est)4:00am1,954  2015 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
MokelumneBelow Camanche Reservoir4:00am1,601 
CalaverasBelow New Hogan Dam3:30am96 1.26ft Schedule
No. StanislausBelow NF Diversion4:00am21 
Highland CreekBelow New Spicer Meadow4:00am552  2013 Schedule + Rating table lookup, see Note 3
No. StanislausAt Avery4:00am1,090  2015 Water 42°F
Mi. StanislausNear Kennedy Meadow1:00am47 
Mi. StanislausInflow Donnell Laken/a  2014 See the daily report for flow information
Mi. StanislausBelow Sand Bar Flat Dam1:00am265  2018
So. StanislausAt Strawberry1:00am56  2010
So. StanislausBelow Philadelphia Div1:00am33  2010
So. StanislausBelow Lyons Reservoir1:00am92 2.55ft
StanislausAt Camp Nine (est)1:00am2,196  2017
StanislausCamp Nine Paddle Out2:00am 1054.04ft Paddle out to Parrotts Ferry: 8.7 miles (approx.)
StanislausInflow New Melones Laken/a  See the daily report for flow information
StanislausGoodwin Dam Schedule (pred)7:15am4,500  2018 Schedule + Expect 4500 cfs until Wed Mar 27, then who knows? + Utility projection, see Note 4
StanislausAt Orange Blossom Bridge3:45am4,170 9.06ft 2016 Water 50°F
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