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Sep 19, 2021 @ 6:55am PDT
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This flow information reflects conditions only at the time measurements were taken.  Flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates based on other flow values, and may therefore be wildly inaccurate (see Estimate Information).  In addition, release changes, rainfall or snowmelt can cause dramatic changes to all flows.  Therefore, actual flows may differ significantly from the ones listed here.

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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Flow Data Format:
RiverName - GaugeLocation WeatherIcon BBS
Date; Time; Flow; Gauge; Comments

Oregon Central Rivers

Mi. Willamette - Below Hills Creek Res   
n/a; n/a; n/a; n/a; Water 54°F

Mi. Willamette - Inflow Lookout Point Res   
Sep 18; 10:00am; 952 cfs; n/a;

No. Mi. Willamette - At Westfir   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; n/a; 1.21ft; Water 56°F

Winberry Creek - Near Lowell   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 8.0 cfs; n/a; Water 57°F

Fall Creek - Above North Fork   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; n/a; 2.86ft; Water 58°F

Fall Creek - Inflow Fall Creek Res   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 113 cfs; n/a;

Fall Creek - Below Fall Creek Dam   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 211 cfs; n/a; Water 48°F

Row River - Above Dorena Lake   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 21 cfs; n/a; Water 60°F

Row River - Below Dorena Lake   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 104 cfs; n/a; Water 66°F

McKenzie - Clear Lake Outlet   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 162 cfs; n/a; Water 45°F

McKenzie - Below Payne Creek   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 136 cfs; n/a; Water 42°F

McKenzie - Below Trail Bridge Dam   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 594 cfs; n/a; Water 47°F

So. McKenzie - Above Cougar Res   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 274 cfs; n/a; Water 49°F

Blue - Below Tidbits Creek   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 41 cfs; n/a;

McKenzie - Near Vida   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 2,360 cfs; n/a; Water 51°F

McKenzie - Below Leaburg Dam   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 2,290 cfs; n/a; Water 52°F

Breitenbush - Near Detroit   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 173 cfs; n/a; Water 52°F

No. Santiam - Below Boulder Creek   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 491 cfs; n/a; Water 51°F

No. Santiam - At Niagara     2007
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 1,580 cfs; n/a; Water 53°F

Li. No. Santiam - Near Mehama   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 60 cfs; n/a; Water 61°F

No. Santiam - At Mehama   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 1,820 cfs; n/a;

Quartzville Cr - Near Cascadia   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 40 cfs; n/a;

Mi. Santiam - Near Cascadia   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; n/a; 1.15ft; Water 56°F

Mi. Santiam - Below Green Peter Dam   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; n/a; 702.78ft; Water 50°F

So. Santiam - Below Cascadia   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 74 cfs; n/a; Water 58°F

Wiley Creek - Near Foster   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 18 cfs; n/a;

Thomas Creek - Near Scio   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 48 cfs; n/a;

Luckiamute - Near Suver   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 28 cfs; n/a;

So. Yamhill - Near Willamina   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 29 cfs; n/a;

Molalla - Near Canby   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 91 cfs; n/a;

Butte Creek - At Monitor   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 10 cfs; n/a;

Collawash - Below Hot Springs Fork (est)   
n/a; n/a; n/a; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-3000 cfs

Oak Grove Clackamas - At Ripplebrook Campground   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 397 cfs; n/a;

Clackamas - Above Three Lynx Creek     Mar 25
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 720 cfs; n/a; Water 51°F

No. Clackamas - Above Mouth   
n/a; n/a; n/a; n/a; Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion

Clackamas - At Estacada   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 934 cfs; n/a; Water 59°F

Sandy - Near Marmot   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 376 cfs; n/a;

No. Bull Run - Near Multnomah Falls   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 41 cfs; n/a; Water 49°F

Bull Run - Near Bull Run   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 78 cfs; n/a;

Sandy - Below Bull Run River   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 532 cfs; n/a;

Beaver Creek - At Troutdale   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 208 cfs; n/a;

W. Fk Hood - Above East Fork     2015
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 196 cfs; n/a;

Hood - At Tucker Bridge   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 350 cfs; n/a;

Deschutes - Below Wickiup Reservoir   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 628 cfs; n/a;

Deschutes - At Benham Falls   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 952 cfs; n/a;

Deschutes - Below Bend   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 118 cfs; n/a;

Squaw Creek - At Sisters   
n/a; n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

Deschutes - Near Culver   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 504 cfs; n/a; Water 54°F

Crooked - At Smith Rock State Park   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 111 cfs; n/a; Water 62°F

Crooked - At Crooked River Ranch   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 168 cfs; n/a;

Crooked - Below Opal Springs   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 1,270 cfs; n/a; Water 55°F

Metolius - Above Lake Billy Chinook     2016
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 1,300 cfs; n/a; Water 47°F

Deschutes - At Moody   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 4,360 cfs; n/a; Water 59°F

No. John Day - At Monument   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 48 cfs; n/a;

John Day - At Service Creek   
Sep 18; 12:00pm; 50 cfs; n/a;

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