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California North Coast  Date     Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
No. SmithAt Gasquet (est)Jun3 5:45am Low  Mar 1 Estimate is outside the model's range of 500-10000 cfs
Mi. SmithAt Gasquet (est)Jun3 5:45am Low  Mar 1 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-6000 cfs
SmithSteel Pipe At Gasquet n/a   Mar 1 Water 40°F
SmithAt Oregon Hole Gorge (est)Jun3 6:45am 585  Mar 1 90% confidence actual flow is between 470 and 700 cfs
So. SmithNear Hiouchi (est)Jun3 6:45am 687  2019 90% confidence actual flow is between 575 and 800 cfs
SmithAt Jedediah SmithJun3 6:45am 1,272 6.48ft 2019 Falling 2 cfs/hr
WilliamsonNear Klamath AgencyJun3 5:45am 0.0 0.62ft
KlamathAt KenoJun3 7:30am 698 4.61ft Water 66°F
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle DamJun3 7:00am 124  Schedule
KlamathJ.C. Boyle Schedule (sched)Jun310:00am 1,500  Schedule
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle PlantJun3 5:45am 384 2.96ft Water 57°F
KlamathBelow Iron Gate DamJun3 7:15am 987 2.05ft 2009
ShastaNear YrekaJun3 7:00am 62 2.99ft
KlamathBelow Seiad ValleyJun3 7:00am 1,910 3.05ft 2009
Kidder CreekBelow Babs Fork (est)Jun3 7:30am Low  2011
ScottNear Fort JonesJun3 7:30am 377 5.51ft 2010 Falling 2 cfs/hr
Indian CreekNear Happy Camp (Klamath)Jun3 6:45am 168 3.85ft
Clear CreekNear Happy Camp (Klamath) (est)Jun3 6:45am 168  2018
KlamathAt OrleansJun3 7:30am 4,220 4.33ft 2009 Water 65°F
KlamathAt Klamath GlenJun3 7:30am 8,370 10.85ft Water 64°F
No. SalmonNear Forks of Salmon (est)Jun3 5:30am Low  2017 Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-4000 cfs
So. SalmonAt Forks of Salmon (est)Jun3 5:30am 519  2014 90% confidence actual flow is between 410 and 625 cfs + Rising 7 cfs/hr
SalmonAt Somes BarJun3 7:30am 1,260 3.22ft 2017 Rising 18 cfs/hr
Coffee CreekAbove Trinity River (est)Jun3 7:30am 230  2011 83% confidence actual flow is between 185 and 280 cfs
TrinityAbove Coffee CreekJun3 7:30am 209 3.83ft 2017
TrinityInflow Trinity LakeJun1 0:00am 1,047  2016
TrinityBelow Lewiston DamJun3 7:30am 848 14.44ft 2018 Schedule + Water 50°F
TrinityAt Douglas CityJun3 7:00am 885 7.16ft 2017 Water 11°F
Indian CreekNear Douglas CityJun3 7:30am 11 1.03ft 2012
Canyon CreekAt Junction CityJun3 5:45am 214  2017
TrinityAbove North ForkJun3 6:45am 1,160 10.24ft Water 58°F
No. TrinityAt Helena (est)Jun3 1:45am 304  77% confidence actual flow is between 230 and 380 cfs
TrinityAt Pigeon Point n/a   2019 Flow currently unavailable
TrinityAt Cedar FlatJun3 7:45am1,524 4.88ft 2017
New RiverAt Denny (est)Jun3 5:00am 232  2008 90% confidence actual flow is between 185 and 280 cfs + Falling 2 cfs/hr
New RiverNew River Gorge (est) n/a   2011 Recent trends
Hayfork CreekAt Hyampom (est)May3110:30pm Low  Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-3000 cfs
So. TrinityAt Forest Glen (est)Jun2 2:30pm 203  90% confidence actual flow is between 160 and 245 cfs
So. TrinityBelow HyampomJun3 7:30am 354 3.10ft 2019 Falling 2 cfs/hr
TrinityAt HoopaJun3 7:00am 2,580 13.63ft 2017 Water 64°F + Falling 10 cfs/hr
Redwood CreekAt Hwy 299Jun3 6:45am 66 1.80ft Apr 5
Redwood CreekAt OrickJun3 7:15am 296 11.60ft 2009
Mad RiverAbove Ruth LakeJun3 7:00am 60 3.89ft
Mad RiverAt ArcataJun3 6:45am 434 7.31ft 2011 Falling 2 cfs/hr
Van DuzenAt BridgevilleJun3 7:15am 276 1.25ft 2017
No. EelAt Mina Bridge (est) n/a   84% confidence actual flow is between 51 and 105 cfs
EelInflow Lake PillsburyJun1 0:00am 116 
EelRel Lake Pillsbury (est)Jun1 0:00am 222  2015
EelInflow Van Arsdale (est)Jun1 0:00am 213  2010 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
EelBelow Van Arsdale DamJun3 6:00am 148 
Outlet CreekNear Willits n/a   Flow currently unavailable
EelBelow Outlet Creek (est)Jun3 1:15am Low  2018 Estimate is outside the model's range of 600-15000 cfs
Mi. EelNear Dos RiosJun3 7:00am 310 5.10ft 2011 Falling 2 cfs/hr
EelAt Fort SewardJun3 7:15am 777 9.17ft 2019
So. EelAt LeggettJun3 7:30am 121 6.59ft 2019
So. EelAt MirandaJun3 7:30am 284 6.48ft
Bull CreekNear WeottJun3 7:00am 39 1.81ft
EelAt ScotiaJun3 2:15am 1,600 10.50ft 2009
MattoleNear EttersburgJun3 7:00am 124 9.85ft 2010
Noyo RiverBelow South ForkJun3 7:15am 17 2.72ft
Rancheria CreekAt Mountain View Rd (est) n/a   2019 Estimate is outside the model's range of 150-2000 cfs
NavarroNear NavarroJun3 7:15am 23 1.90ft 2016
GarciaAt Eureka Hill RoadJun3 7:00am  3.17ft
So. GualalaNear Sea RanchJun3 6:45am 16 4.41ft
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