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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Oregon Coastal Rivers  Date     Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
WilliamsonNear Klamath AgencyJun3 7:45am 0.0 0.62ft
KlamathAt KenoJun3 8:30am 693 4.60ft Water 66°F
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle DamJun3 8:00am 124  Schedule
KlamathJ.C. Boyle Schedule (sched)Jun312:00pm 1,700  Schedule
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle PlantJun3 7:45am 384 2.96ft Water 57°F
ChetcoNear BrookingsJun212:00pm 1,080 
Mi. ApplegateAbove Applegate Lake (est)Jun2 3:00pm 120  2011 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
Carberry CreekAbove Applegate Lake (est)Jun2 3:00pm Low  2008
ApplegateBelow Applegate DamJun2 4:00pm 150 
IllinoisNear KerbyJun212:00pm 388  2012
No. RogueAbove North Fork ResJun2 9:00am 720  2016
No. RogueBelow North Fork ResJun212:00pm 107 
No. RogueAbove Lost Creek LakeJun212:00pm 1,160  2009 Water 52°F
Mi. RogueAbove Butte Falls Rd (est)Jun2 8:00am Low  2011 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-2000 cfs
So. RogueBelow Imnaha CreekJun212:00pm 185 
So. RogueBelow MF Confluence (est)Jun2 8:00am 474  90% confidence actual flow is between 380 and 575 cfs
RogueInflow Lost Creek LakeJun210:00am 1,783 
Big Butte CreekNear McLeodJun212:00pm 73 
RogueNear McLeodJun212:00pm 2,670  Water 53°F
Elk CreekAbove Rogue RiverJun212:00pm 44  2012 Water 62°F
RogueAt RaygoldJun212:00pm 2,910  2011 Water 57°F
RogueAt Grants PassJun212:00pm 3,470  2016 Water 60°F
RogueNear AgnessJun212:00pm 3,960  2018 Wild and Scenic Permit + Water 63°F
So. CoquilleAt PowersJun212:00pm 141 
No. UmpquaAt Toketee FallsJun212:00pm 87 
Boulder CreekNear Toketee FallsJun212:00pm 50 
No. UmpquaAbove Copeland CreekJun212:00pm 1,370  2018 Water 53°F
Canton CreekAbove Steamboat Creek (est)Jun212:00pm Low  2007
Steamboat CreekBelow Canton CreekJun212:00pm 219 
No. UmpquaBelow Steamboat CreekJun212:00pm 740  2009
Little RiverAt PeelJun212:00pm 289  Water 55°F
No. UmpquaAt WinchesterJun212:00pm 2,370  Water 60°F
So. UmpquaAt TillerJun212:00pm 457  2015
W. Fk Cow CreekNear GlendaleJun212:00pm 38 
UmpquaNear ElktonJun212:00pm 4,110 
SiuslawNear MapletonJun212:00pm 660 
AlseaNear TidewaterJun212:00pm 580 
SiletzNear SiletzJun212:00pm 517 
NestuccaBelow BeaverJun212:00pm 412 
TraskNear TillamookJun212:00pm 339 
WilsonNear TillamookJun212:00pm 294 
NehalemNear VernoniaJun212:00pm 47 
NehalemNear FossJun212:00pm 523 
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