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"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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California East Sierra SAT FRI THU 
 Time   03/06/21     03/05/21     03/04/21    BBS  Comments/Links
SusanAt Susanvillenoon29 21 20
Upper TruckeeAt South Lake Tahoenoon13 14 14 Water 39°F
TruckeeBelow Lake Tahoenoon200 200 200 2014 Schedule
TruckeeNear Truckeenoon220 215 190 2019
Donner CreekBelow Donner Lakenoon12 11 11
Little TruckeeBelow Boca Reservoirnoon52 61 89
TruckeeAt Boca Bridge10am370 360 350 Water 41°F
TruckeeNear Floristonnoon400 390 380 2012
W. Fk CarsonAt Woodfordsnoon17 17 14
E. Fk CarsonNear Markleevillenoon89 73 70 2020 Falling 2 cfs/hr
E. Fk CarsonNear Gardnervillenoon92 82 79 2017
West WalkerBelow Little Walker River10am47 41 38 2017
West WalkerAt Walkernoon43 38 35
East WalkerNear Bridgeportnoon76 76 75
Hot CreekNear Mammoth Lakesnoon36 35 35 Water 91°F + Rising 2 cfs/hr
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