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Topic: Boat and gear found on Fantasy Falls Run
Matt O
Views: 2535
Forum: GeneralPost time: Aug 16, 2015Post Subject: Boat and gear found on Fantasy Falls Run
My buddies and I found a boat and gear on the Fantasy Falls run. The boat was pinned in a sieve. It looks to have been there since May. We got the boat out and tied it above the high water mark. I've ...
Topic: Wood in Beginner's Luck
Matt O
Views: 3428
Forum: HazardsPost time: Apr 10, 2014Post Subject: Wood in Beginner's Luck
There is some wood stuck midway down Beginner's Luck, right between the raft line and the kayak line at the pourover. Looks like you can get around it but there is not a lot of room for error and it ...
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