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Topic: Low flow Tobin
Views: 3577
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jul 16, 2014Post Subject: Low flow Tobin
Anybody know if Tobin is any good at 230 cfs? What is lowest flow worth boating Tobin? Thinking of going up on Fri before the release next week and doing some low flow laps. Lowest I have done it ...
Topic: Fordyce flows
Views: 4580
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jul 8, 2014Post Subject: Fordyce flows
Does anybody know when Fordyce might start flowing this summer?? I leave Tahoe end of July for good and would love to hit it before I go. Thanks
Topic: Fordyce Releases????
Views: 3837
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jun 28, 2013Post Subject: Fordyce Releases????
Anybody know if Fordyce is gonna run at all this year?
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