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Topic: 4th July wknd - Nobody Home?
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Forum: FlowsPost time: Jul 5, 2016Post Subject: 4th July wknd - Nobody Home?
We were shocked to say the least, when we pulled into Cedar Flat Sat (July 2nd) to rig our boats (Sotar 14' paddle R2 & 16' Cat)at around 9am. When most of our regular group bailed on us earlier ...
Topic: Cherry Creek and Lower Tuolumne Release Schedule for 2008
Views: 5723
Forum: ArchivePost time: Apr 14, 2008Post Subject: Too late?
I'm surprised you didn't get more input? :P sorry I'm late toboot ... but more is always better! So if you could eek out 1200cfs and extend the "historical" daily release time of 7am -11am ...
Topic: Meral's Pool put-in gage ... reading low?
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Forum: FlowsPost time: Jun 13, 2006Post Subject: Meral's Pool put-in gage ... reading low?
Has anyone noticed the put-in gage at Meral's Pool is not accurately correlating with the reported Dreamflows charts this year? The discrepancies get exponentially larger as the flows increase from ...
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