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Topic: Tree across whole river
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Forum: HazardsPost time: Oct 31, 2016Post Subject: Tree across whole river
We put in below Indian Falls, as usual. Maybe 1.5 miles into the run, there is a tree spanning the river. We call that the "Limbo Log." We tend to float under it on far river right. Then ...
Topic: Goodwin Canyon Releases- Fall 2015
Views: 3712
Forum: FlowsPost time: Oct 23, 2015Post Subject: Camp 9
We ran Camp 9 last Friday, October 16th. We put in at 2 pm; we were planning to put on at noon, but drove slower than expected. There was 950ish cfs. (It was a great flow). It seems to me like the ...
Topic: Looking for a group to paddle with on SFA in October.
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Forum: GeneralPost time: Oct 1, 2015Post Subject: Chili Bar this Saturday, Oct 3
Hey, there are always lots of experienced kayakers at Chili Bar on any given Saturday. You should be able to show up and find some fellow boaters to join.
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