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Topic: Burnt ranch gorge hazard number two
Views: 3127
Forum: HazardsPost time: Aug 26, 2017Post Subject: Burnt ranch gorge hazard number two
Things changed on burnt ranch gorge of the trinity. A new landslide created a temp dam that was wAshed thru with the flows from the fish dance. Number two right now is a sketchy move over a pice of ...
Topic: Wood in number 3
Views: 4541
Forum: ArchivePost time: Mar 30, 2014Post Subject: Re: Wood in number 3
I hear there is some bad wood on number 3. Possible pin log. Paddle Safe. Wood has been cleared and is good to go but with flows going up and down stay on your toes for new wood
Topic: burnt ranch table rock landslide
Views: 5033
Forum: HazardsPost time: Oct 11, 2013Post Subject: burnt ranch table rock landslide
So there is a new hazard on burnt ranch gorge it is in table rock rapid. which is 3 rapids past number 3 The standard line at this flow is to hit the slot up against the wall on the right side but ...
Topic: Kayak Pinned in Bogus Thunder
Views: 22399
Forum: HazardsPost time: Mar 5, 2013Post Subject: Re: Pinned Kayak
Dude bayareawwk you are a DICK. I hate people like you saying somebody is a flaming idiot for telling you to pick up your mess. You must be from another country or something. I myself had a similar ...
Topic: number 1 shower head siphon
Views: 6128
Forum: HazardsPost time: Jul 30, 2012Post Subject: number 1 shower head siphon
so with the water levels dropping I entered the shower head to number 1 and realized there is now a siphon at low flows which sucked the stern of my boat down and is now stuffed deep in the siphon. ...
Topic: mandatory portage number 1 burnt ranch
Views: 3583
Forum: HazardsPost time: Jul 28, 2012Post Subject: mandatory portage number 1 burnt ranch
So the left side of brg falls number 1 is a no go due to exposed wood so the shower head was the go to line. Well today i got vertically pinned in the shower head due to a rock that shifted into ...
Topic: burnt ranch wood in #1
Views: 65
Forum: ShadowPost time: Jul 25, 2012Post Subject: burnt ranch wood in #1
So with the water lowering down to normal fish flows on the trinity the log in number 1 on the left side in jaws is now becoming a problem please be careful when entering at 800cfs the other day it ...
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