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 Topic:  What's the Best Helmet? 

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Posted: Feb 9, 2007Post Subject: What's the Best Helmet?
I started kayaking last spring. Last year I paddled down the right hand side of Go Left (a Class III on the Main Payette). I flipped, hit three rocks underwater, and broke my helmet. Needless to say, I need a new helmet, and it won't be another Pryme.

That said, tell me what you like/don't like about the helmet you are using - and heck - why you aren't wearing that other brand any more.

Your input will be much appreciated!

Pryme Helmet, front and side view:

Below is a picture of a friend running the right hand side of Go Left about a week later. I flipped approximately where he is in the photo.
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Posted: Feb 21, 2007
I used to really like my Seda Kevlar, saved my head at least once for sure. However, they aren't made anymore I gather. There's quite a few good ones out there. Check them out carefully, though. We had a guy in a Pro-Tec (forget which model) doing a safety clinic on the Trinity hit his head and get concussed. Turned out there was a strap attachment which was like a brad going into the helmet and contacting the head. So, when he hit his head the force was projected through and concentrated in that one spot about at the temple. No padding! Ouch. I hope they've fixed that little deal.
Just make sure there's padding between you and the outside, whatever you buy.

Mark T.
Forums -> Archive -> What's the Best Helmet? Page 1 of 1