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 Topic:  2007 Feather River release schedule 

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Posted: May 14, 2007Post Subject: 2007 Feather River release schedule
The Rock Creek Cresta Ecological Resources Committee has recently established the recreational flow schedule for 2007 in consultation with the Plumas National Forest.

2007 is currently classified as a critically dry year and this will result in reduced instream flow levels and reduced recreational flow opportunities. Minimum summer flow levels will be 150 cfs in the Rock Creek reach (between Rock Creek Dam and Rock Creek Powerhouse) and 140 cfs in the Cresta reach (between Cresta Dam and Cresta Powerhouse). Actual flows may be 10 to 30% higher. In addition, release levels may increase to 200 cfs for water temperature control if water temperatures exceed 20ºC in these reaches.

The gauge information reported by PG&E to the American Whitewater website rounds the flow up to the nearest 50 cfs. These means that if the reported flow is 250 cfs the actual flow may only be 201 cfs. The minimum flow on the Tobin reach is about 250 cfs.

Rock Creek
Recreational flow will be provided in the Rock Creek reach on
Sunday July 29, 800 cfs 11 AM to 2 PM.
Saturday August 25 , Sunday August 26,
Saturday September 22 and Sunday September 23.
The August and September releases will reach 800 cfs by 11 AM on Saturday and be reduced to 700 cfs at 3 PM. The 700 cfs level will then be maintained until 1 PM on Sunday. Flows will be ramped up at rates of no more that 400 cfs per hour and ramped down at a rate not to exceed 150 cfs per hour.

For the Cresta reach (Cresta Dam to Cresta Powerhouse) the ERC and Forest Service have determined that further study is appropriate to better understand the potential effects of summer pulse flows on the foothill yellow-legged frog populations and have decided that no recreational flows should be released during 2007 in this reach. Study work is ongoing and the ERC will consider how flows may be provided in the Cresta reach in the future.
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