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 Topic:  Kayak Pinned in Bogus Thunder 

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Posted: Mar 3, 2013Post Subject: Kayak Pinned in Bogus Thunder
For those of you that may not have read about the pinned kayak in Bogus Thunder in the "North Fork American (Chamby) - sieve" thread, I thought I would create a new thread for this hazard. There is a yellow Nomad 8.1 pinned in the sieve in the middle chute of Bogus Thunder. This picture was taken today (3/3/13) at a flow of 630 cfs.

Jeff W
Posted: Mar 4, 2013Post Subject: Pinned Kayak
Yup! ;-(

That's mine!

Anyone one who can get it out can keep it.

With waters rising and likely to not come down till the melt is done for, I expect that the kayak will be worn out and done for ..
Posted: Mar 4, 2013Post Subject: pack it in -- pack it out
dude -- that's your boat and your responsibility to make sure it's removed from that canyon. this is effectively littering. clean it up. it's also dangerous. simply saying "up for grabs" does not remove you from this responsibility.
Posted: Mar 4, 2013Post Subject: Are you a flaming idiot?

You must be a flaming idiot?

I dont know who you are or what your paddling capability is but for you to make a stupid statement like that implies that you are both are incompetent paddler with little idea of what it takes to paddle let along get a boat out of a situation like that and a flaming idiot without a clue.

Get a clue!
Posted: Mar 4, 2013

always nice to post anonymously on message forums and then insult others. and no, i'm not a flaming idiot. and yes, i have a clue. and no, this is not a stupid statement. you were the one paddling through a known sieve that has been discussed ad nauseum over the past couple weeks. you were the one who pinned your boat and left it in a beautiful canyon. you guys probably could have pulled your boat out if you had proper rescue equipment. but no, you left your boat without trying to pull it out. this is litter. and now we all get to look at it unless someone else decides to do what you should take responsibility for. you should be in there next weekend cleaning up your mess. but no, you're on dreamflows anonymously insulting others for pointing out your obvious mistake.

i think i'm being very reasonable and not "a flaming idiot without a clue" (which btw is kind of a lame insult). and i think we'd probably get along in person. so think about it. do the right thing.

Posted: Mar 5, 2013Post Subject: Re: Pinned Kayak
Dude bayareawwk you are a DICK.
I hate people like you saying somebody is a flaming idiot for telling you to pick up your mess. You must be from another country or something. I myself had a similar situation on a different river where people told me i wasn't going to get my boat out of a siphon but after 3 days and getting numerous friends to help out we removed it from the river. Then some chode from the bay area came out stuffed his boat in there and just left it saying similar things like you so he isn't all that welcome out in our neck of the woods anymore.
The fact of the matter is you need to be resposible for your mistakes. You should go back and retrieve the boat maybe ask others for help that obviously know what they are doing. But to call somebody out for calling you out you sound like a little 5 year old just go in there and clean up your mess otherwise I'm sure the river gods will make you pay in ways you will never imagine. Just do the right thing and that mean keep your city ass back at home if your not going to respect the rivers and clean up your trash. If you need help getting it out I would love to come and help and maybe educate you on how to remove your trash.
Shaman 12
Posted: Mar 5, 2013Post Subject: Pack it out
I took my canoe down yesterday & assessed the situation. I picked up his buddy's (Pat Paterson's) paddle & dropped it off @ Mark's house for return to him.

It is very clear who the "flaming idiot" is here. Kiran,(bayareawwk) dumped his boat (litter) and bailed back to Seattle, erecting an SEP (someone else's problem)around it. One can only hope he stays there. It's not cool to leave behind your trash and hazards for someone else. The "class V competent" paddlers I know don't usually "let their boat float off while standing by helplessly". Perhaps quality instruction in swift water rescue is in order. River etiquette and liability of this type is included in the course.

One possible example of "doing the right thing" could have been going to SOC in Auburn and asking Guy (someone you admittedly know) for help. He is more than happy to help in such situations. We'd be down there today getting it out if we had a few volunteers (let's say, you and your buddy) to help. I was able to canoe out to the rock, climb out & move the boat a bit, so it's not wedged in too tightly, but there is quite a bit of water pushing on it. Had Kiran acted right away when the water was lower, we would have had a better chance at extraction. Now a storm threatens closing the window of opportunity, though the higher water may help move things...

Next Tuesday, we may be taking a small raft down with some extraction equipment. We could use a few skilled paddlers for assistance. If interested contact SOC.
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Posted: Mar 5, 2013
Look at the bright side guys,


2. He didn't have to leave his buddy stuffed under a rock too.

3. We can learn or at least be reminded from his fiasco.
I know i'm guilty of forgetting my rope a time or two. im also guilty of temporarily loosing my boat..a time or two.. i just happened to get lucky.

4. Last but not least, We have a new dumbass to talk about while driving the shuttle...
Posted: Mar 6, 2013
Oh 4FS... Is the low flow turning Chamberlain's into Cache Creek? Toby, you need to get your ranger costume and wand out... It's lame out there and people need guidance. Not local dude from the PNW, glad you're out here in Nor Cal enjoying the boating, but stop being a dick and fix your mess. You've created a serious hazard that no amount of pink tape or cones can cover up. No one wants to deal with your problem.
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Posted: Mar 8, 2013Post Subject: one last post and then i'll keep my mouth shut....maybe
dear "bayareawwk",

so my friends and i spent the other day pulling your boat out of the sieve in bogus thunder. it was a project, but doable. your boat was in great shape. it wouldn't surprise me if you told me this was it's first time on a river. given what you've stated above, i'm assuming you don't want the boat. correct? if that's the case, we're planning on selling it on boof and giving all proceeds to friends of the river. i'll do this when i get back from the grand canyon later this month.

my friends and i really enjoy pliny the elder (a wonderful double ipa from russian river brewing company in santa rosa) and pulled pork sandwiches. hint hint.

interestingly enough, i received this email today:

"Can you post locally that a SOC raft that was rented by Kiran 510 --- 6--- or 916 --- 73-- friend of Pat Patterson, got lodged just below HLP on some wood Friday. Boat has been removed, if anyone knows who has it Kiran would be extreemly appreciative. Thanks, a ton, The River Store."

is this you too? i think so. so now we have two incidences from your recent trip to CA of irresponsible behavior where others had to clean up after your careless behavior. that's a bummer.

btw -- i also really enjoyed your blog:


it really has that "We have both paddled enough Class V to have our shit together" kinda vibe. fascinating.

in the future when you screw up, admit it. know that a simple "hey, i effed up, i'm sorry. can someone help a brotha out?" goes a long way.


flaming idiot without a clue.
Posted: Mar 9, 2013
Great job tobysalz et al... and I'll have to nominate this for post of the year. I guess paddling Class V is subjective term
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Posted: Mar 11, 2013Post Subject: Kayak pinned, abandoned, and recovered
I would like to thank those of you who went out to clean up the kayak-situation. I really almost called into work the evening I learned of it to go recover the river booty and help out. I would have LOVED to claim that prize. (its better your way, FOR needs the support.)
Leaving a hazard like that in the river is extremely irresponsible and dangerous. Further, help on the river is always available to those who need or ask. Bay area dude, not cool man, not cool. It does seem apparent that you may be boating different and likely less, bad-ass, eh hem, "class V rivers" than the rest of us. Your river etiquette stinks like my river gear. Just cause you CAN go out, doesn't mean you always should, even if REI tells you otherwise in their commercials. Just sayin.

Anyways, thanks again to those who went out to unravel the situation and restore the toaster back to it's already class IV self. Our commercial season starts very soon on the North Fork and it's good to know we will only have the mighty and lovely river to contend with at Bogus and not a potential entrapment hazard for our clients or other unknowing boaters
Posted: Mar 13, 2013Post Subject: Blog access
Really wanted to get a feel for this Clase Cinco blog!! Anyone happen to read it before the permission was changed?
A big thank you to all that helped with the extraction of a potentially dangerous future situation for us and our clients/customers and family.
To close, those who helped know that pull pork sando credits are comin.
Mmmmm Joe Caribe!
Thank you guys. Jose.
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