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 Topic:  upper upper silver fork 

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joe c
Posted: Jun 4, 2013Post Subject: upper upper silver fork
In early may this year (2013) my friend john and i kayaked the upper upper silver fork (sfa)from silver lake campground (88) to Forgotten Flat trail then hiked 1.5 miles out to silver fork rd.We came out on a dirt rd just up the road a bit from the dugald run put in.The run was about 3.75 river miles and dropped around 960 ft in that distance according to gps.We had a fun time running slides and falls in a cool granite landscape!We portaged a bit due to wood and elf flows but in general were both stoked on a fun adventure with cool minigorges.After doing the run i noticed the gauge below oyster creek on the dreamflows list 2day,and thought wow how convenient!I would guess we had between 150 cfs and 200cfs in there but Im horrible at guessing flows so...if thats correct and is the minimum flow boatable i would think around 300 cfs would be optimal for this run.
Joe C
Forums -> Flows -> upper upper silver fork Page 1 of 1