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 Topic:  CDEC gauge under reporting 

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Posted: Feb 10, 2014Post Subject: CDEC gauge under reporting
I noticed that as of about December 1, 2012 that this gauge is under reporting. We ran it on Dec 1st and guessed it was about 3000 cfs; however, the CDEC gauge below Our House said it was 1750 cfs. When looking at the long range graph for gauge above Our House Dam, it looked like it peaked at about 3800 cfs that day. This would make sense as 800 cfs is diverted at the dam. We ran it again on February 10, 2014 when the CDEC gauge read 1900 cfs when we estimated the flow was around 4000 cfs. This was the highest I've ever run it and I have been relating all of the runs and corresponding levels since 2006 to the abandoned gauge at the takeout which have confirmed my suspicions about the gauge being off. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.
Forums -> Flows -> CDEC gauge under reporting Page 1 of 1