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 Topic:  Logjam Status 

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Posted: Jun 15, 2014Post Subject: Logjam Status
Notes on the wood observed on a trip that put in at Dardanelle campground at an estimated 300 cfs on June 11, 2014: There is no longer a major logjam near Brightman Flat Campground, although there are two logs remaining that you can easily paddle under (you can see these two logs on the current image on Google Maps). There also is a log across the river just before the left hand bend leading to the site of the previous logjam. This log is easily portaged on the right, and possibly even boatable on the right at high flows.

About 1/3 mile above the Clark Fork Road bridge, the river splits around a small brushy island, with most of the water going right. Unfortunately, this right channel has a logjam in it, and the only runnable route involves boofing over a log into a boulder-choked drop. It looked too difficult to do this at low water, so we portaged over some large logs on the right.

About 1/4 mile below the Clark Fork Road bridge (this section is part of the Donnells run), in the middle of a fairly continuous section of rapids, there is a small log blocking the entire channel, with a tiny eddy on the left above it. This is an easy portage, once you get out of the river.

Aside from these obstacles, we had a great run. Of course, the log situation may change next season, and if you boat all the way to Donnells Lake (we didn't), there is an ever-present huge logjam where the river drops into the lake. This logjam can be seen from the Donnell Vista on Highway 108.

M.Koza, id kflow
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