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 Topic:  Minor Hazards SF Yuba 49-Bridgeport 

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Posted: Dec 18, 2014Post Subject: Minor Hazards SF Yuba 49-Bridgeport
A couple things worth noting, but not really all that hazardous on 49-Bridgeport.

Just past the first rapid of the first gorge (sliding boof), the river has a blind little s-turn move that is maybe class 2 at best (enter left, exit right). There is a log across the exit, which is easily passed on the left side of the log even at very low flows. With any decent flow the log would likely be submerged all the way.

In the second gorge, just after "Dues" boof is a another really nice boof before the entrance to hairy ferry. To the right of the boof channel there is a cluster of rocks that appears to have a throw rope stuck in it. The rope was trailing into the current, but not really in the way. Couldn't access it for removal.

Overall, not really risks right now, but with more water they might relocate to less convenient spots.

Be safe, have fun.

Forums -> Hazards -> Minor Hazards SF Yuba 49-Bridgeport Page 1 of 1