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 Topic:  2016 Slab Creek Flows 

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Posted: Feb 25, 2016Post Subject: 2016 Slab Creek Flows
South Fork American River Slab Creek Cls IV-V
10 am 4 pm
1100 cfs
April 23 & 24
April 30 & May 1
May 14 & May 15

Keep in mind some caveats for Slab Creek. One, that this is the first attempt by SMUD to coordinate spill for our enjoyment. It is a complicated process that involves increasing elevation levels at two reservoirs (Camino & Slab), managing the natural SFA inflow using two powerhouses whose penstocks can only accommodate a maximum of 4000 cfs (if they can run them at full capacity) and keeping an eye on downstream reservoir capacity at Chili Bar. IT WILL NOT BE AN EXACT SCIENCE.

Also, until the boating release valve is added when they construct the new Slab Creek powerhouse SMUD cannot fine-tune flow. Thus, SMUD will target a steady flow of 1100 cfs. Remember that accretion will likely bump this flow level up. The consultation group will also have the opportunity to adjust this parameter after the first weekend based on user feedback.


If the Licensee determines expected inflows from SFA River into Slab Creek Reservoir are not controllable to 1500cfs, flows can be suspended and only made up within the recreational flow time frame that ends on May 31.

If water temperatures rise above 12 degrees Celsius mean daily temperature for a seven-day running average, flows can be cancelled to protect FYL Frogs and other biological resources. In Critically Dry 2015 this threshold was crossed on March 31st with a minimum instream flow of 63 cfs. But in a Below Normal water year the minimum instream flows are almost triple that amount at 180 cfs and the consultation group has made an educated guess (and roll of the dice) that the temperature threshold will not be crossed.

As we approach these recreation dates for Slab Creek I will get more information out on take-out arrangements, Coloma Shuttle arrangements and monitoring sites. Until then MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
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Posted: Mar 5, 2016
The schedule, based on Theresa's post, is here.
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