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 Topic:  South Fork Feather - 2016 Release Predictions 

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Posted: Aug 31, 2016Post Subject: South Fork Feather - 2016 Release Predictions
South Feather Water and Power reports as follows:

"We have quite a few constraints this year that affect our releases out of Little Grass Valley (transmission line outages, construction projects, etc.), which have made it a bit more challenging to coordinate.  We're still trying to hammer out the particulars with PG&E, but we wanted to at least provide you with what we have at this moment in time.

9/29 - 10/6: 350 CFS

Flows will ramp up to 400 CFS on 10/6

10/7 - 10/18: 400 CFS

We had discussed the possibility of running the 400 CFS flow through the weekend following 10/18 as well, but we're not sure if that is going to be an option at this point.  We have plenty of water, but with the scheduled outages (that are beyond our control), we're not sure if we'll be able to move that last bit of water.  All this to say, the above dates are a conservative approach, and there is the possibility we will be able to add to them.  We will keep you updated as new information is available to us."

Note: the above is therefore not cast in stone - it could change in detail.  The provisional Little Grass Valley release schedule, based on the above, is here.
Site Admin
Posted: Sep 28, 2016
South Feather Water & Power reports this morning (with a little paraphrasing) as follows:

"We discovered a discrepancy in our Little Grass Valley flow data yesterday afternoon. The flow instrumentation is currently reading higher flows than what is actually being produced.

At this moment in time (Wednesday morning 9/28), the Little Grass Valley flow, as reported by Dreamflows, is showing just over 350 cfs, but in actuality that is approximately 75 cfs more than is in the river (currently estimated @ 275 cfs).  Based on the new information, we are increasing the flows this morning so that the actual in stream flow is closer to 350 cfs.  However, be aware that the reported data will likely show something substantially higher.  Our crews are working diligently to remedy the problem, and we’ll make it a priority to keep you updated as we have new information."

Bottom line: the actual flow below Little Grass Valley Dam is currently less than what Dreamflows is reporting, by an estimated 75 cfs. SFW&P will let us know when the problem is fixed.
Site Admin
Posted: Sep 29, 2016
South Feather Water & Power fixed the data reporting problem described in the previous post by distributing an updated rating table. Dreamflows has applied the new table, and recalculated flows below Little Grass Valley going back to Monday.

This means that the currently-reported flow on the Realtime report is now correct. The Daily report will be correct after about 5pm today. The flow graphs have also been updated to match.

This means in turn that any flow readings that you saw in the past few days were incorrect. You should be able to get a good idea of what the actual flow was from the graphs. But, if you want to know flow more accurately than that, email me.
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