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 Topic:  Pit 5 Update 

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Posted: Aug 11, 2017Post Subject: Pit 5 Update
Upon consultation with State Water Resource Control Board and American Whitewater, PG&E has issued a work plan for the repairs of their facilities on PIT 5. Right now, it appears there is a good chance we will have whitewater flows from now until Mid-November with two caveats - the Pit 5 Powerhouse Road remains closed thus the J.B. Black Boat Launch remains closed and work plans are subject to change so consult the gages before you head out.

Expected Flows:

Now until Mid-September flows will remain around 2000 CFS

Mid-September to approximately Mid-November flows will be reduced to around 1100 CFS
Posted: Oct 3, 2017Post Subject: PIT 5 Update as of 10-3-17
PG&E plans to change flows on PIT 5 to approx. 1000 cfs this weekend. They anticipate flows in this range will last until late October before the are reduced to 350 cfs.

Below is the flow notice from our friends at PG&E:

This is a courtesy notification regarding the ongoing outage at Pit 5 Powerhouse caused by flooding last winter. PG&E plans to return the first of the four units at Pit 5 Powerhouse to service this Saturday, October 7, 2017. Flows past Pit 5 Diversion dam are currently ~2,000 cfs. Once Unit 1 is brought back online on Saturday, flows will decrease to ~ 1,000 cfs. Please use proper precautions if recreating on or near this section of the Pit River. As the necessary maintenance continues, PG&E anticipates returning Unit 2 to service in late October. Once Unit 2 is brought back online in late October, the spill at Pit 5 Diversion should end and flows through the Pit 5 reach should return to close to normal IFR of ~350 cfs (depending on weather and hydrologic conditions). Unit 3 and 4 are scheduled to return to service in November December, depending of the extent of repairs needed. Pit 5 Powerhouse Road and J.B. Black Powerhouse Boat Put-In will remain closed to the public as work continues into late November/early December.
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