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 Topic:  WILLOWS!!! 

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Posted: Mar 16, 2019Post Subject: WILLOWS!!!
Put in: Hopland
Take out: Cloverdale
Flow @ put in: 1200cfs
Flow @ take out: 1400cfs

We were unable to find suitable river access in hopland so we bushwacked out 14' raft on Dooley Creek which has a wonderful easy access point but was a horrible battle getting the big boat to the Russian
IK would be much easier if not fun. The river was very mellow up until Pieta/Squaw Rock. Squaw rock was 3 continuous big holes and was a blast to plow into each one in the big boat. The rapids were more or less continous until Cloverdale. We camped below squaw rock and despite the road noise had a nice night on the river, tri-tip and beers!

Warning: there are numerous places where willows are growing across the river, this made navigating them in the big boat very difficult. This would be a fantastic run and flow for IK.
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Forums -> Hazards -> WILLOWS!!! Page 1 of 1