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 Topic:  BLM Reports Log Hazard 

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Posted: May 14, 2021Post Subject: BLM Reports Log Hazard
*Tiger Creek Hazard*
Hello paddling community. I work for the Bureau of Land Management and today I conducted counts for opening day on the Tiger Creek section of the Mokelumne.

Attention Boaters! There is a large log blocking most of the river left channel on the second rapid down from the dam ( first if you use the lower put-in). Kayaks can sneak around it on the left, but not rafts. There is a one-raft eddy river left immediately above it; however, it may be difficult for a raft to ferry out of there and to the right of the log. Today, rafters were able to portage on the left side from the left eddy.
Forums -> Hazards -> BLM Reports Log Hazard Page 1 of 1