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 Topic:  Yuba / Bear River Relicensing Survey Forms 

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Posted: Jun 2, 2008Post Subject: Yuba / Bear River Relicensing Survey Forms
When you paddle any of the following runs on the MF Yuba, SF Yuba or Bear drainages:
    Middle Fork Yuba - Jackson Meadows Reservoir to Milton Reservoir
    Middle Fork Yuba - Milton Dam to Plumbago Rd
    Middle Fork Yuba - Plumbago Rd to Our House Dam
    South Fork Yuba - Summit Run
    South Fork Yuba - Spaulding Run
    South Fork Yuba - Lake Spaulding to Lang Crossing
    South Fork Yuba - Lang Crossing to Fall Creek
    South Fork Yuba - Fall Creek to Washington
    South Fork Yuba - Washington to Edwards
    South Fork Yuba - Edwards to Purdons Crossing
    South Fork Yuba - Purdons Crossing to Route 49
    South Fork Yuba - Route 49 to Bridgeport
    Fordyce Creek - Fordyce Lake to Lake Spaulding
    Canyon Creek - French Lake to Bowman Lake
    Canyon Creek - Bowman Spaulding Diversion to Artic Mine
    Canyon Creek - Artic Mine to South Yuba Confluence
    Bear River - Hwy-20 bridge to Drum Powerhouse
    Bear River - Drum Afterbay to Dutch Flat
    Bear River - Dutch Flat to Chicago Park Powerhouse
    Bear River - Chicago Park Powerhouse to Rollins Lake
    Bear River - Hwy-174 Bridge to Ben Taylor Rd
    Bear River - Ben Taylor Rd to Lake Combie
then please help the relicensing effort by submitting a survey form. Every opinion counts and is invaluable! Amongst other things, it tells us what is being run, what is good, what are appropriate flows, and where to put the relicensing efforts. So if you think a run is great, or could be great - tell us about it so we know to pursue it. If you think a run is trash - tell us about it so we don't waste time on it. Thanks!
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