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 Topic:  Drafting 100 cfs out of the lake 

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Posted: Sep 12, 2009Post Subject: Drafting 100 cfs out of the lake
Hey Chris,
What does it mean when they are drafting out of the lake? I noticed it was 100 cfs earlier this morning but back down to 6 cfs so I assume it was just a quick pulse but was interested if there was possibility for a run.

Site Admin
Posted: Sep 12, 2009

It's a puzzle. I can see the comment on the reports, but the graph shows a steady flow of about 6 cfs all day. Perhaps they're trying to say they will start releasing soon ... they normally start a 100 cfs or so release in the September timeframe. Or perhaps they wanted to talk about Rollins (since the Bear did rise today) but in a senior moment talked about French Lake instead. I'll ping them, see what they say.
Site Admin
Posted: Sep 13, 2009
Brad, going through old NID emails, and looking at the Canyon Creek graph, and adding two and two and getting something over three, I'm now pretty sure they really are releasing 100 cfs into the creek.

I'll be able to confirm tomorrow night (both flow and duration) when I hear back from NID, but in the meantime thought you'd want to start planning, if you think 100 cfs is a worthwhile flow.
Site Admin
Posted: Sep 14, 2009
NID came back with: "The gauging area is good to 3 cfs for are fish release anything above is not accurate. We are releasing approx. 100 cfs now. We will be back to 3 plus cfs sometime on the week of September 21st".

Translation: when the gauge goes erratic this time of year it's because it's a low-water gauge and the "high" flows during a release blow the line out and the gauge becomes erratic (like now). When they stop the release a week or so from now, they'll put everything back the way it was and the gauge will once more be accurate.

What this also means is that the release into Canyon Creek from French Lake is currently 100 cfs, however the flow is based on the head of water in the lake, and as time goes by the lake drops and so does the flow. I don't think it drops very quickly, and I'm just guessing based on past years, but in a week's time it might have dropped to say 90 cfs.
Site Admin
Posted: Sep 15, 2009
NID estimates the flow will have dropped to around 95 cfs by next weekend.
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