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 Topic:  NF Feather, Poe: Fall releases 

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paul martzen
Posted: Nov 11, 2009Post Subject: NF Feather, Poe: Fall releases
The Poe Dam to Poe powerhouse section of the NF Feather should have boatable releases starting November 11, 2009.
PG&E is is scheduled to start work on the Poe dam drum gate on the 11th. They will have to lower the reservoir below the level of the powerhouse intake to do the work. Any inflows from upstream powerhouses or side streams have to be released into the river channel.
PG&E will not predict actual flows and expects them to vary from day to day. However PG&E has just started supplying flow gauge information for this reach, and AW is posting it online. You can now follow the actual flows online and see what happens from day to day.
Paul Martzen
Fresno, CA
Forums -> Archive -> NF Feather, Poe: Fall releases Page 1 of 1