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 Topic:  North Stan Shuttles 

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Irie Shuttles
Posted: Jun 18, 2010Post Subject: North Stan Shuttles

North Stan Shuttles


This is an epic year for the North Stan. Water levels are holding
between 900 and 1100 cfs. Spicer is releasing twice the water
it was last week. They expect to spill middle of next week.

Come experience this adventure in paradise. Irie Shuttles are
offering shuttle service from Sourgrass to McKay's. Drive one
car up and we will shuttle it to takeout. Save two hours driving
time if you bring two cars and shuttle yourself. Hell run it twice in
one day using us. Also save the cost of shuttle by only bringing
one car. Cost of shuttle is $50. We have had many happy clients.

We will do the shuttle to Big Trees Park but it ends up costing more
because of the entry fee at the park.

Epic adventure on the class IV/V section of the North Stan.

Keep it safe out there,

Irie Shuttles

209-795-4809 until Wednesday of next week.
209-795-1093 after the 23rd until July 2nd

Forums -> General -> North Stan Shuttles Page 1 of 1