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 Topic:  Clavey Flow and Access 

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Posted: May 4, 2011Post Subject: Clavey Flow and Access
Has anyone been on upper clavey recently? I was wondering what the flows and road conditions were like. I am guessing that the flow is probably too high right now.
Site Admin
Posted: May 5, 2011
The Clavey gauge isn't reporting. Hetch Hetchy Water and Power reports: "After we repaired the original vandalism that destroyed the antenna, they then found and stole the solar panel. We replaced it with a smaller cheaper panel in a hard place to get to and got [the gauge] back on the air. Someone then shot the steel box pointblank with a big rifle and destroyed a $3,000 part inside."

"They" in all this is a bunch of unknown vandals. Since HHW&P has funded this gauge themselves, both in terms of dollars spent and manpower to install, obviously this hurts them. They've therefore taken the gauge off the air. They're planning on bringing it back online with Plan B, but that will be later this year.

Bottom line - no Clavey gauge this year. Hope for Clavey gauge next year.

For this season, Dreamflows has started reporting Clavey estimates again. But of course be aware that while it should give you some idea of the flow on the Clavey, it is only an approximation. Though the theoretical confidence level for the estimate is high, you know what they say about statistics.
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