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Arkansas River - Composite
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Reaches Key:

Upper Arkansas River - Granite to Numbers Launch Site (Pine Creek) (6 miles, III to IV (V), CRC p49)

Upper Arkansas River - The Numbers (4.9 miles, IV- to IV+, CRC p48)

Upper Arkansas River - Railroad Bridge to Buena Vista (Fractions/Frog Rock Run) (7 miles, III to III+, CRC p45)

Upper Arkansas River - Buena Vista to Fisherman’s Bridge (Buena Vista Town Run) (6.5 miles, III-, CRC p44)

Upper Arkansas River - Fisherman’s Bridge to Stone Bridge (Brown’s Canyon) (13 miles, III to IV, CRC p42)

Arkansas River - Stone Bridge to Salida (Salida Town) (9.4 miles, II to III, AWA)

Arkansas River - Salida to Rincon (9.9 miles, II (III), AWA)

Lower Arkansas River - Rincon to Pinnacle Rock (27.9 miles, II to III, AWA)

Lower Arkansas River - Pinnacle Rock to Parkdale (Pinnacle Rock Run) (8.7 miles, III to IV, CRC p37)

Lower Arkansas River - Parkdale to Canon City (Royal Gorge) (8.7 miles, III to IV+, CRC p34)