Dreamflows Sacramento - Keswick Dam Release Schedule
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Releases on the Sacramento River from Keswick Dam

In the table that follows, each date is color-coded according to the kind of release scheduled for that day:

 Scheduled release is not yet known.
 Scheduled release: Less than 15000 cfs below Keswick Dam.
 Scheduled release: 15000 cfs or more below Keswick Dam.
 Ramping up/down from Keswick Dam.
Note: "Projected releases" (if present) are best guesses generated by Dreamflows.
Note: All other scheduled release information provided by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.


March 2019
          125,000 cfs
 all day
2Ramping up
to 30,000 cfs
330,000 cfs
 all day
430,000 cfs
 all day
530,000 cfs
 all day
630,000 cfs
 all day
7Ramping up
to 40,000 cfs
840,000 cfs
 all day
940,000 cfs
 all day
1040,000 cfs
 all day
1140,000 cfs
 all day
1240,000 cfs
 all day
1340,000 cfs
 all day
14Ramping down
to 36,300 cfs
15Ramping down
to 30,850 cfs
16Ramping down
to 26,150 cfs
17Ramping down
to 22,300 cfs
18Ramping down
to 19,100 cfs
19Ramping down
to 16,250 cfs
20Ramping down
to 13,800 cfs
21Ramping down
to 11,750 cfs
22Ramping down
to 10,050 cfs
2310,000 cfs
 all day

Water Management Issues:

1.  The above schedule is based on information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

2.  Detailed scheduled release information for the next few days is shown on this graph.

3.  Releases shown are expected releases.  Actual releases may be different, and may change at short notice.  In addition, sudden higher or lower (or no) releases may result from emergency mechanical or electrical conditions.

4.  Users are urged to use caution and to wear all appropriate personal protective equipment.