Dreamflows Realtime Report
Aug 21, 2018 @ 9:31am PDT


This flow information reflects conditions only at the time measurements were taken.  Flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates based on other flow values, and may therefore be wildly inaccurate (see Estimate Information).  In addition, release changes, rainfall or snowmelt can cause dramatic changes to all flows.  Therefore, actual flows may differ significantly from the ones listed here.

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California North Coast
California Central/South Coast
California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
California East Sierra
Nevada Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Flow Data Format:
RiverName - GaugeLocation WeatherIcon BBS
Time; Flow; Gauge; Comments

California Central/South Coast

E. Fk Russian - Above Lake Mendocino   
9:15am; 56 cfs; 5.82ft

E. Fk Russian - Below Coyote Dam   
9:00am; 171 cfs; 1.90ft

Russian - At Hopland     2010
9:00am; 169 cfs; 0.92ft; Water 58°F

Russian - Near Cloverdale     Mar 19
9:00am; 156 cfs; 2.41ft; Water 61°F

Big Sulphur Cr - At Geysers Resort   
9:15am; 1 cfs; 2.51ft

Big Sulphur Cr - Near Cloverdale     2016
8:30am; 1 cfs; 15.91ft

Russian - Near Healdsburg     2009
8:45am; 140 cfs; 1.37ft

Mark West Creek - Near Santa Rosa (est)     2014
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Russian - At Hacienda Bridge   
8:15am; 122 cfs; 2.21ft; Water 68°F

Napa - Near Napa     2009
9:15am; 0 cfs; 3.18ft; Water 32°F

Arroyo Mocho - Near Livermore   
n/a; n/a; n/a; Site currently not operational

Arroyo Valle - Above Lake Del Valle     2009
8:45am; 0 cfs; 0.34ft

Alameda Creek - Near Niles     2016
9:00am; 8 cfs; 2.59ft; Water 68°F

Arroyo Hondo - Near San Jose     2010
9:00am; 1 cfs; 3.00ft; Water 62°F

Guadalupe - At San Jose   
9:00am; 37 cfs; 5.16ft

Coyote Creek - Above Coyote Lake   
9:15am; 0 cfs; 1.72ft

San Francisquito Cr - At Stanford University   
9:00am; 0 cfs; 0.14ft

Pescadero Creek - Near Pescadero   
9:00am; 2 cfs; 0.75ft

San Lorenzo - At Felton     2017
8:30am; 14 cfs; 2.84ft

San Lorenzo - At Santa Cruz   
9:00am; 9 cfs; 2.09ft

Soquel Creek - At Soquel   
9:00am; 3 cfs; 2.23ft

Carmel - At Robles Del Rio   
9:15am; 2 cfs; 1.89ft

Carmel - Near Carmel   
9:00am; 0 cfs; 1.08ft

Big Sur - Near Big Sur   
9:15am; 19 cfs; 4.55ft

Arroyo Seco - Near Greenfield     2017
9:15am; n/a; 2.44ft

Arroyo Seco - Near Soledad   
9:00am; 0 cfs; n/a

San Antonio - Near Lockwood   
9:15am; 0 cfs; 2.48ft

Cuyama - Below Buckhorn Canyon   
8:30am; 0 cfs; 4.91ft

Santa Ynez - Below Los Laureles Canyon   
8:45am; 0 cfs; n/a

Piru Creek - Above Pyramid Lake   
9:00am; 1 cfs; 0.79ft

Piru Creek - Above Frenchmans Flat   
n/a; n/a; n/a; Seasonal site, currently not reporting

Piru Creek - Above Lake Piru     2008
9:15am; 0 cfs; 2.38ft

Piru Creek - Below Lake Piru     2011
8:45am; 8 cfs; 1.61ft

Sespe Creek - Near Wheeler Springs   
8:30am; 2 cfs; 2.08ft

Sespe Creek - Near Fillmore   
9:15am; 3 cfs; 6.85ft

Santa Clara - Below Sespe Creek   
11:15am; 21 cfs; n/a

Los Angeles - Below Sepulveda Dam   
9:00am; 62 cfs; 0.76ft

Los Angeles - Above Rio Hondo     2015
n/a; n/a; n/a; Site currently not operational

Santa Margarita - Near Temecula   
9:00am; 3 cfs; 1.62ft; Water 80°F

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