Upper Tuolumne River - Lumsden Falls

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Blair Bowker running Lumsden Falls on the "Cherry Creek" run of the Upper Tuolumne
River right after the Cherry Creek race in 2002. He's in a Bliss-Stick Flip-Stick. This is a
very intimidating rapid, though surprisingly it works out okay most of the time. The most
usual entrance is down the wide ramp on river left of the chute Blair is using (see the first
frame). The next most usual entrance is a boof over the falls to river right of him in the first
frame. Blair's run is extremely unusual - not only is he taking the middle chute, and intentionally
taking the route through the right side of the rapid (frame 3 onward), but he's doing it all with
such panache and control. Don't try this yourself, folks - especially in a play boat - unless
you know precisely what you're doing ... and getting yourself into. Photo: Denise Boynton

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