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Welcome to Dreamflows!  Please select from the following options:
  • Display the most current Realtime flow report (table format) or Realtime flow report (map format) on California/Nevada rivers.  Mobile device users may access the report in Compact Format.  Specialty applications may access the report in CSV Format.  The information on this page is updated every 30 minutes during the day, and every hour at night.

  • List Daily flow reports on Western U.S. rivers.  Desktop computer users: display flows for California/Nevada, the Northwest, or the Four Corners area.  The information on these pages is updated every day at about 5pm.

  • Visit the Bulletin Board for river-related messages on hazards, releases, access issues and other river-related topics.  Please give back to the paddling community by posting your own messages to the board.

  • Find out how to sign up for a Dreamflows Account.  It's quick, easy - and FREE.  Once signed up, you may subscribe to Custom Reports, Email Reports and Alerts.  Your account also offers increased Bulletin Board functionality.

  • Display Scheduled River Flows.

  • Use the Alphabetical List of reaches/runs to select which Dreamflows flow sites serve them.  Use the Cross-Listing Page of Dreamflows flow sites to determine which reaches are served by them, and to obtain more detailed reach information.

  • Check out these Online Guidebooks for runs reported by Dreamflows.

  • Read About Dreamflows for a description of the system, and discussion of what it will (and won't) do for you.

  • Set up an feed for all Dreamflows pages.  Set up an feed for all Dreamflows pages except the Realtime page.  Set up an feed for all Dreamflows pages except the Realtime and Daily Report pages.  Help.

  • Dreamflows features many other useful web pages.  Visit the Sitemap for a complete list.

  • Email comments, and suggestions for improvement, to chris@dreamflows.com

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Chris Shackleton running Upper Faucherie Lake Falls on Canyon Creek near Truckee
Photo: © Justin States