South Fork Silver Creek ("South Silver")

This photo shows all six drops in the Waterfalls/Teacups section on South Silver.
The first falls is, naturally enough, the top horizon line.  The second falls looks
inconsequential, but that's an illusion - it's really the trickiest and meanest.  The kayak
is in the third falls.  Two short drops follow.  The sixth, in shadow, is Curtain Falls and
features a neat boof.  To walk back up and run them all again, eddy out on river right.
Or, continue on by running the drop starting at the bottom of the photo.  It's easy -
but don't muck it up, as it leads directly into Skyscraper.  - Photo: Justin States

This image is protected by United States Copyright Law and International
Treaties.  It is copyright 2002 Justin States with all rights reserved.

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