Upper Tuolumne - Cherry Creek Run

Dieter King running Lumsden Falls in a Bliss-Stick Flip-Stick ... a 6 ½ foot play
boat ... but despite that he maintains a high degree of control.  In this photo
he's safely past Decision Rock with lots of room, and is punching the first of three
holes before he's home free.  You can see the dreaded "Decapitation Rock" (a.k.a.
Ginsu) near the bottom left corner of the photo.  If you're pushed too far right you
find yourself deliberately flipping to avoid the damn thing ... but, in this run, Dieter
misses it with room to spare, and stays upright to the end.  - Photo: Denise Boynton

This image is protected by United States Copyright Law and International
Treaties.  It is copyright 2002 Denise Boynton with all rights reserved.

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