Dreamflows Realtime Report
Jul 20, 2019 @ 3:51am PDT


This flow information reflects conditions only at the time measurements were taken.  Flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates based on other flow values, and may therefore be wildly inaccurate (see Estimate Information).  In addition, release changes, rainfall or snowmelt can cause dramatic changes to all flows.  Therefore, actual flows may differ significantly from the ones listed here.

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California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
California East Sierra
Nevada Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Flow Data Format:
RiverName - GaugeLocation WeatherIcon BBS
Time; Flow; Gauge; Comments

California West Sierra - Northern

Indian Creek - Below Indian Falls     2011
3:00am; 68 cfs; 7.98ft

Spanish Creek - Near Keddie     2014
3:30am; 52 cfs; 1.39ft

No. Feather - Below Belden Dam     2018
1:00am; 173 cfs; n/a

Eb. No. Feather - Below Virgilia   
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

No. Feather - Below Rock Creek Dam     2018
1:00am; 426 cfs; n/a; Schedule

No. Feather - Below Grizzly Creek     2018
1:00am; 513 cfs; n/a

No. Feather - Below Poe Dam     2014
1:00am; 531 cfs; n/a

West Br Feather - At Whiskey Flat Bridge     2013
3:30am; 62 cfs; 0.26ft

Mi. Feather - Near Portola   
3:30am; 50 cfs; 2.32ft

Mi. Feather - Below Sloat (est)     2016
n/a; n/a; n/a; Insufficient data available to estimate flow

Mi. Feather - At Milsap Bar     2017
3:00am; 398 cfs; 6.09ft; Please report trip

So. Feather - Below Little Grass Valley     Jul 16
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

So. Feather - Below SF Diversion Dam   
3:15am; 13 cfs; 5.54ft; Water 52°F

Lost Creek - Below Lost Creek Res   
3:15am; 11 cfs; 4.90ft; Water 49°F

So. Feather - Below Forbestown Div Dam     2017
3:15am; 16 cfs; 5.01ft; Water 54°F

Lavezzola Creek - Above Downie River (est)     2016
1:45am; Low; n/a

Pauley Creek - At Pauley Creek Falls (est)     May 6
1:45am; Low; n/a

No. Yuba - At Sierra City (est)     2017
1:45am; Low; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-3000 cfs

No. Yuba - Below Goodyears Bar     2014
2:45am; 416 cfs; 3.11ft; Falling 2 cfs/hr

No. Yuba - Above Slate Creek   
3:30am; 512 cfs; 4.78ft; Falling 2 cfs/hr

Slate Creek - Below Diversion Dam   
3:15am; 46 cfs; 5.39ft; Water 32°F

No. Yuba - Inflow New Bullards Bar (est)   
2:00am; 641 cfs; n/a; Reservoir calculation, see Note 2

No. Yuba - Below New Bullards Bar     2011
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

Mi. Yuba - Below Jackson Meadows     2011
3:45am; 136 cfs; n/a

Mi. Yuba - Below Milton Dam     2011
3:45am; 8 cfs; 5.09ft

Mi. Yuba - Above Our House Dam   
n/a; n/a; n/a; Data are preliminary and subject to revision + Flow currently unavailable

Mi. Yuba - Below Our House Dam     2017
2:00am; 37 cfs; 17.21ft

So. Yuba - Near Cisco     2013
2:30am; 64 cfs; 2.65ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

Fordyce Creek - Below Fordyce Dam     Jun 25
2:30am; 392 cfs; 3.78ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

Canyon Creek - Below French Lake     2018
n/a; n/a; n/a; Site currently not operational

Canyon Creek - Below Bowman Lake     2018
3:30am; 26 cfs; 4.04ft

So. Yuba - At Lang Crossing     2016
2:30am; 107 cfs; 37.49ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

So. Yuba - At Hwy 49 Bridge     Apr 8
2:00am; 241 cfs; 3.87ft

Yuba - Below Englebright Dam   
3:30am; 2,433 cfs; 8.97ft; Schedule

Deer Creek - Near Smartville   
3:00am; 7 cfs; 1.38ft

Yuba - Below Deer Creek   
3:00am; 2,448 cfs; n/a

Bear - At Hwy 20 Bridge     2008
2:30am; 10 cfs; 0.50ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

Bear - Below Drum Afterbay     2008
1:00am; 12 cfs; 0.95ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

Bear - Below Dutch Flat Afterbay     2011
3:30am; 12 cfs; n/a

Bear - At Hwy 174 Bridge     Jun 9
3:30am; 306 cfs; 1.92ft

No. American - Inflow Lake Clementine     2017
3:15am; 230 cfs; 0.73ft

Mi. American - Below French Meadows   
3:45am; 11 cfs; 5.10ft

Rubicon - Below Rubicon Dam   
3:45am; 7 cfs; n/a

Rubicon - Below Hell Hole Dam     Jun 10
3:45am; 23 cfs; 4.10ft

So. Rubicon - Below Gerle Creek   
3:00am; 30 cfs; 2.25ft

Rubicon - At Ellicott Bridge     2017
3:45am; 84 cfs; 1.35ft; Data are preliminary and subject to revision

Rubicon - Above Ralston Powerhouse   
3:45am; 124 cfs; 1.45ft

No. Mi. American - At Mosquito Ridge Rd (est)     2013
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Mi. American - Above Tunnel Chute     Jul 11
3:00am; 1,185 cfs; 10.21ft

No. American - Above Pump Station     Feb 14
3:45am; 1,311 cfs; 6.65ft

Silver Fk American - Below Oyster Creek     2013
3:00am; 42 cfs; n/a

Silver Fk American - Above SF American (est)     Jun 30
3:00am; 235 cfs; n/a

So. American - Below Kyburz     2017
3:00am; 303 cfs; 2.98ft

So. American - Below Alder Creek     2017
4:00am; 308 cfs; n/a

South Silver - Above Ice House Reservoir     2017
3:00am; 71 cfs; n/a

So. Silver Creek - Below Ice House Reservoir     Jun 6
3:45am; 33 cfs; n/a; Shuttle

Silver Creek - Below Camino Dam     2017
3:45am; 39 cfs; n/a

So. American - Slab Creek Res Elevation   
2:00am; n/a; 1844.11ft

So. American - Below Slab Creek Dam     May 2
3:45am; 100 cfs; n/a; Shuttle

So. American - At Chili Bar     May 8
3:45am; 428 cfs; n/a; Schedule + Shuttle + News and Rumors

No. Weber Creek - Inflow Weber Res     2013
3:00am; 2 cfs; 2.16ft

So. American - Below Weber Creek   
2:45am; n/a; n/a; Reports only water temperature + Water 66°F

American - Folsom Elev NF Paddle Out     2016
2:00am; n/a; 455.66ft; Paddle out to Rattlesnake Bar: 4.6 miles (approx.)

American - Folsom Elev SF Paddle Out     2016
2:00am; n/a; 455.66ft; Paddle out to Skunk Hollow: 1.4 miles (approx.)

American - Folsom Lake Elevation   
2:00am; n/a; 455.66ft

American - Below Lake Natoma     2016
3:45am; 3,460 cfs; 6.03ft; Great American Triathlon + Schedule + Water 61°F

No. Cosumnes - At Sand Ridge Rd   
2:00am; 117 cfs; 5.04ft

Mi. Cosumnes - At Mt Aukum Rd     2014
3:00am; 51 cfs; 3.87ft

Cosumnes - At Michigan Bar     2014
3:30am; 109 cfs; 3.18ft

No. Mokelumne - Salt Springs Inflow     2015
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

No. Mokelumne - Below Salt Springs Res     2018
1:00am; 367 cfs; n/a

No. Mokelumne - Above Tiger Cr Afterbay     2015
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

No. Mokelumne - Below Tiger Creek Dam     Jul 11
1:00am; 392 cfs; n/a

No. Mokelumne - Below West Point P.H.     2008
1:00am; 427 cfs; n/a

Mokelumne - Below Electra Powerhouse (est)     2018
1:00am; 851 cfs; n/a; Moke Races

Mokelumne - At Highway 49 Bridge   
3:30am; 590 cfs; 8.17ft; Schedule + Water 60°F

Mokelumne - Inflow Pardee Res (est)     2015
3:00am; 1,068 cfs; n/a; Moke Races + Reservoir calculation, see Note 2

Mokelumne - Below Camanche Reservoir   
3:00am; 1,100 cfs; n/a

Calaveras - Below New Hogan Dam   
3:30am; 471 cfs; 2.01ft; Schedule

No. Stanislaus - Below NF Diversion   
3:00am; 20 cfs; n/a

Highland Creek - Below New Spicer Meadow     2013
3:00am; 401 cfs; n/a; Schedule + Rating table lookup, see Note 3

No. Stanislaus - At Avery     Apr 7
3:30am; 501 cfs; n/a; Water 58°F

Mi. Stanislaus - Near Kennedy Meadow   
1:00am; 443 cfs; n/a

Mi. Stanislaus - Inflow Donnell Lake     2014
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Mi. Stanislaus - Below Donnell Dam   
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Mi. Stanislaus - Below Sand Bar Flat Dam     2018
1:00am; 412 cfs; n/a

So. Stanislaus - At Strawberry     2010
1:00am; 162 cfs; n/a

So. Stanislaus - Below Philadelphia Div     2010
1:00am; 101 cfs; n/a

So. Stanislaus - Below Lyons Reservoir   
2:00am; 28 cfs; 1.98ft

Stanislaus - At Camp Nine (est)     2017
2:00am; 1,055 cfs; n/a

Stanislaus - Camp Nine Paddle Out   
2:00am; n/a; 1068.56ft; Paddle out to Parrotts Ferry: 9.1 miles (approx.)

Stanislaus - Inflow New Melones Lake   
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Stanislaus - Goodwin Dam Schedule (pred)     2018
6:45am; 1,000 cfs; n/a; Schedule + Expect 800 cfs until Sun Jul 21, then 1000 cfs + Utility projection, see Note 4

Stanislaus - At Orange Blossom Bridge     2016
2:45am; 1,996 cfs; 4.53ft; Water 55°F

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