Dreamflows Realtime Report
Jan 19, 2020 @ 10:51pm PST


This flow information reflects conditions only at the time measurements were taken.  Flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates based on other flow values, and may therefore be wildly inaccurate (see Estimate Information).  In addition, release changes, rainfall or snowmelt can cause dramatic changes to all flows.  Therefore, actual flows may differ significantly from the ones listed here.

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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Flow Data Format:
RiverName - GaugeLocation WeatherIcon BBS
Time; Flow; Gauge; Comments

California West Sierra - Southern

Tuolumne - Above Hetch Hetchy Res   
10:30pm; 38 cfs; 7.38ft; Water 38°F

Tuolumne - Below Hetch Hetchy   
10:45pm; 44 cfs; 2.81ft; Water 49°F

Tuolumne - Above Early Intake   
9:45pm; 53 cfs; 12.32ft; Water 44°F

Cherry Creek - Above Cherry Lake     2017
10:00pm; 59 cfs; 1.97ft; Water 35°F

Cherry Creek - Below Cherry Lake     2006
10:00pm; 7 cfs; 5.18ft; Water 43°F

Cherry Creek - Above Holm Powerhouse     2006
10:15pm; 57 cfs; 2.29ft; Water 42°F

Cherry Creek - Below Holm Powerhouse     Aug 9
9:45pm; 210 cfs; 7.16ft; Water 45°F

Tuolumne - Below Early Intake     Aug 9
10:30pm; 49 cfs; 3.29ft; Water 43°F

Tuolumne - At Mushroom (est)     Aug 9
10:45pm; 259 cfs; n/a; 90% confidence actual flow is between 245 and 270 cfs

Mi. Tuolumne - Above SF Confluence     Aug 9
10:00pm; 22 cfs; 1.64ft

So. Tuolumne - At Rainbow Pool     Aug 9
10:00pm; 46 cfs; 3.04ft

Tuolumne - At Merals Pool (est)     Aug 9
10:00pm; 327 cfs; n/a; 90% confidence actual flow is between 310 and 340 cfs + Lower Permit

Clavey - Near Hunter Bend (est)     2011
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

No. Tuolumne - At Riverside Campground (est)   
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Tuolumne - At Wards Ferry     Aug 9
n/a; n/a; n/a; Site currently not operational

Tuolumne - New Don Pedro Paddle Out     2017
10:30pm; n/a; 796.05ft; Paddle out to Ward’s Ferry: 1.1 miles (approx.)

Tuolumne - Inflow New Don Pedro Res     Aug 9
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Tuolumne - Below La Grange Dam   
10:30pm; 390 cfs; 4.60ft; Water 52°F

Merced - At Happy Isles Bridge   
10:30pm; 30 cfs; 1.25ft; Water 37°F

Merced - At Pohono Bridge     2017
10:00pm; 59 cfs; 1.61ft

Merced - At Red Bud (est)     2016
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

So. Merced - At Wawona     2008
10:45pm; 22 cfs; 2.23ft

So. Merced - At Hwy 140 Bridge (est)     2008
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Merced - Below Briceburg     2018
10:15pm; 156 cfs; 20.21ft

Merced - Inflow Lake McClure     2007
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Merced - At Cressy   
10:15pm; 172 cfs; 10.95ft; Water 48°F

Fresno - Above Hensley Lake     2009
9:45pm; 37 cfs; 0.63ft

Mi. San Joaquin - At Devils Postpile     2010
10:00pm; 18 cfs; 2.84ft

San Joaquin - At Miller Crossing (est)     2009
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Mono Creek - Below Lake Edison     2008
7:45pm; 123 cfs; 5.47ft

So. San Joaquin - Below Florence Lake     2016
7:45pm; 21 cfs; 3.12ft

San Joaquin - Below Mammoth Pool Res     2016
7:45pm; 31 cfs; 3.07ft

San Joaquin - Chawanakee Gorge     2010
7:45pm; 0 cfs; 2228.29ft

San Joaquin - Below Stevenson Creek   
6:45pm; 6 cfs; n/a

No. Willow Creek - Near Sugar Pine     2006
9:45pm; 8 cfs; 2.67ft

San Joaquin - Below Redinger Lake     2006
7:45pm; 46 cfs; 4.58ft

San Joaquin - At Horseshoe Bend     2017
7:45pm; 58 cfs; n/a

San Joaquin - At Patterson Bend     2006
9:15pm; 34 cfs; 4.71ft

San Joaquin - At Squaw Leap Falls     2006
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

San Joaquin - Inflow Millerton Lake     2006
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

San Joaquin - Below Friant Dam   
10:30pm; 385 cfs; 3.07ft; Water 48°F

San Joaquin - At Highway 41   
10:00pm; 339 cfs; 5.22ft; Water 49°F

San Joaquin - At Donny Bridge   
10:00pm; 314 cfs; 3.53ft; Water 48°F

San Joaquin - Below Skaggs Bridge   
10:15pm; 273 cfs; 2.90ft

San Joaquin - At Gravelly Ford   
10:15pm; 258 cfs; 3.45ft; Water 0°F

San Joaquin - At Mendota   
10:30pm; 280 cfs; 3.40ft; Water 47°F

No. Kings - At Meadow Brook   
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

No. Kings - Below Balch Diversion Dam     2007
9:15pm; 11 cfs; 1.97ft

No. Kings - Above Dinkey Creek (est)     2011
10:30pm; 26 cfs; 1.32ft

Dinkey Creek - At Dinkey Meadow (est)   
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Dinkey Creek - Above North Fork Kings (est)     2009
10:00pm; 61 cfs; n/a; Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion

No. Kings - Below Dinkey Creek     2012
10:30pm; 106 cfs; 1.92ft

So. Kings - Above Roaring River   
10:30pm; 131 cfs; 2.65ft; Water 37°F

So. Kings - Above Boyden Cave   
10:30pm; 137 cfs; 4.38ft; Water 38°F

Kings - At Rodgers Crossing (est)     2009
10:00pm; 369 cfs; n/a; 90% confidence actual flow is between 350 and 390 cfs

Kings - Below North Fork   
10:00pm; 473 cfs; 3.03ft; Water 41°F

Kings - Inflow Pine Flat Res (est)     2011
10:00pm; 1,549 cfs; n/a; Reservoir calculation, see Note 2

Kings - Rel Pine Flat Lake   
10:00pm; 345 cfs; 2.37ft

Mill Creek - Above Kings River   
10:00pm; BRT; 1.30ft

Marble Fk Kaweah - Near Lodgepole   
9:45pm; 6 cfs; 7.04ft; Water 38°F

No. Kaweah - At Kaweah (rough)   
9:15pm; Low; n/a; Estimate is outside the model's range of 200-800 cfs

Kaweah - At Three Rivers     2018
10:15pm; 141 cfs; 2.88ft

Kaweah - Inflow Terminus Res     2009
n/a; n/a; n/a; See the daily report for flow information

Kaweah - Below Terminus Dam   
10:15pm; 16 cfs; 0.30ft; Water 57°F

So. Tule - Near Cholollo Campground   
9:45pm; 13 cfs; 3.45ft; Water 41°F

So. Tule - Near Reservation Boundary   
10:30pm; 24 cfs; 6.22ft; Water 44°F

Tule - Near Springville     2016
10:30pm; 81 cfs; 4.07ft

No. Kern - Above Fairview Dam   
10:00pm; 312 cfs; n/a

No. Kern - Below Fairview Dam   
10:00pm; 46 cfs; n/a

Brush Creek - At Take-Out Bridge     2014
n/a; n/a; n/a; Flow currently unavailable

No. Kern - At Kernville     2017
10:15pm; 365 cfs; 5.31ft; Forks Permit

So. Kern - Near Onyx     2009
10:30pm; 47 cfs; 3.57ft; Rising 2 cfs/hr

Kern - Above Borel Powerhouse     2006
10:15pm; 445 cfs; 6.55ft; Water 44°F

Kern - Rel Lake Isabella     2017
10:15pm; 445 cfs; n/a; Schedule

Kern - Below Democrat (est)     2006
n/a; n/a; n/a; No estimate for this time of year

Kern - Below Kern Canyon PH Div   
10:30pm; 468 cfs; 3.09ft

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