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Marble Fk Kaweah - Near Lodgepole

This rating table shows the relationship between gauge height and river flow for the USGS gauge, id '11206820', located 500 feet above Horse Creek, 2.0 miles above Hwy-198 bridge at Lodgepole, CA.  Dreamflows generated the graph and table using USGS rating table data.  NOTE: The rating table below was published Mar 14, 2024 and was valid only at that time.  The relationship between gauge height and river flow may change over time and therefore the older the rating table, the less reliable it is likely to be.  The graph shows the range of data of primary interest to boaters, while the numerical listing gives the full range of available data.

 Flow (in cfs) - last revised Mar 14, 2024
Height (feet).
6      0011