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Help - Bulletin Board Alert Parameters

General Information

Bulletin Board Alerts (BBAs) send you email when new messages are posted to the bulletin board.  The email is sent to the Pager Address that you set in your profile; if you left Pager Address blank, then alerts are sent to Email Address (as set in System-Wide Registration Information in your profile) instead.  Control the conditions under which BBAs are sent to you as follows:


The setting of Bulletin Board alerts status on the Setup Bulletin Board Alerts page determines whether you'll receive BBAs at all.  Set this field to disabled, don't send any BB alerts to inhibit BBAs altogether.  If you do want to receive BBAs, check that both Bulletin Board alerts status is set to send according to the settings that follow, and that Alerts Status in your profile is set to Active.  In other words, Alerts Status is a global control for all alerts, while Bulletin Board alerts status is a local control for just BBAs.

A BBA is generated when a message of the kind you're interested in is assigned to a flow site that you're interested in.  Most topics are assigned to a flow site, or to a group of flow sites (e.g. if a given topic is about Chili Bar, it will be assigned to So. American - At Chili Bar).  On the other hand, some general topics are not assigned to any flow site or group of sites.  Also, posters generally don't select the correct flow site (or any flow site for that matter) when they start a new topic, so it's left up to the Admin to set the appropriate flow site manually, and this could happen days after the initial post.  How you set Send BB alerts for these flow sites partially determines which flow sites BBAs are generated for, as follows:

If you want to be sure of receiving BBAs as soon as any message is posted, select all sites, including no assigned flow site.  Otherwise, if you travel around looking for whitewater, you'll probably want to select all sites in the selected regions and then select those regions you travel to.  Otherwise, if you tend to paddle locally on a small set of rivers and you can receive Normal or Continuous flow alerts for them, you may want to select one of the other two options.

The operation of Send BB alerts in these situations should be self-explanatory.  One use for only when a new topic is started might be if you just want to be notified when a new hazard is reported, and are less interested in follow-up postings.


You will receive BBAs for new topics/posts only in those forums which you select.  Hazards is checked by default.


If you set Send BB alerts for these flow sites to all sites in the selected regions, then select which regions you want new topics/posts to be reported for.