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All About Email Reports


Dreamflows Email Reports is a FREE service that sends you semi-customized daily Dreamflows flow reports via email.  This delivers the reports directly to you, without your having to visit the Dreamflows website.  You can specify which regions you want to receive reports for, and which days of the week you want to receive them on.  Currently a "region" is a State, e.g. California or Nevada.  Your reports can be formatted in one of several different ways; which format you select will be influenced by your computer and which email viewer program you're using.  To find out more about the different formats, visit the Send Sample Email Reports Help page.

If you decide to sign up for Email Reports, visit the Setup Email Reports page to select your regions, service days, and report format.  Also, be sure to edit your profile and set Reports Address to the correct address.  Also, check that your Reports Status is set to ActiveReports Address may be any email address of your choosing, although one option is to make it the same as your regular Email Address.  If you leave the Reports Address field in your profile blank, then your reports are sent to your regular Email Address by default.

The way to stop receiving reports (e.g. it's the wrong time of year or you're going on vacation), is to disable them by visiting your profile, and setting Reports Status to Inactive/Vacation Hold.


You will need a Dreamflows account.  If you don't have an account, signup for one.  You'll also need an email account with enough disk space to hold the reports that you receive.  You'll probably want remote access to the email inbox where your reports are being sent, especially if you'll be on the road.  Most ISPs these days offer you web access to your email inbox.  If yours doesn't, consider signing up for an email account with a portal such as Myway or Yahoo! and have your reports sent there instead.  Most libraries offer low-cost or free Internet access, otherwise cyber cafes offer access for a fee.  Of course, if for some reason your email inbox isn't available to you, you can always go directly to the Dreamflows website.