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Help - Member List

The member list page displays basic information about all the members currently registered with Dreamflows, and who use the bulletin board.  However, members who have signed up for an account but haven't been validated yet will not appear in the list.  You must be a registered user, logged into Dreamflows, to access this page.

Each entry in the member list table has the following fields:

Username is a handle which uniquely identifies the Dreamflows member.  It has a link to that member's profile, which offers more information than provided in the member list.

Joined Date tells you when a given member originally signed up for a Dreamflows account.

Email shows an icon if the corresponding member has made their email address visible to other members.  To send that person email, click on the icon.  Remember that your email address will be made visible to the recipient when they read your email.  Some people care who has access to their email address, others don't.  If you want to change who has access to your own email address, edit your profile

Pvt Msg shows a icon for every active member.  To send that person a PM (private message), click on the icon.  Your identity (other than your Username or what you choose to share with them) will be hidden from the recipient.

Website and Location contain whatever the corresponding member entered in their profile - it may or may not all be true.  The same goes for Name, River Interest, Occupation and Interests in the member's profile.

Posts tells you how many posts the member has made.  This may be more than the number of posts still appearing on the bulletin board, since very old/no-longer-relevant posts get removed.  The number of posts says something about the member, but not everything - in this accounting scheme, irrelevant posts count the same as relevant ones.

By default, the member list is sorted by Username.  This fact is indicated by the arrow in the table header's Username column.  An upward-pointing arrow indicates the current sort is ascending (or increasing in value), while indicates it's descending (or decreasing in value).  Click on the column heading (in this case Username) to change the direction of sort.  You may sort on other fields instead, by clicking on the appropriate link in the table header.

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