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Help - Manage Photos

The photo list page provides basic management functions for photos uploaded by you.  It is accessible via your profile.  You must be a registered user, logged into the bulletin board, to access this page.

Each entry in the photo list table has the following fields:

Id is the unique 4-digit photo identifier assigned to the photo when you uploaded it.  This is the same id that appears in a message posted to the bulletin board.  For instance, if the photo id is 0001, then the BBcode for the photo as it appears in a post would be [photo=0001].

Format is the photo file format.  Currently, only GIF, JPG and PNG are supported.

Size is the amount of disk space used by the photo.  The size is reported in bytes, or kilobytes (kB), depending on the file size.  If kB, then the size is approximate only.

Uploaded is the date on which you uploaded the photo, e.g. Mar 27, 2007

Posts is the number of bulletin board posts that reference this particular photo.  If Posts is zero, then the photo isn't referenced by any post (it's an "orphan") and may be deleted.

View allows you to view the photo.  Clicking on displays the photo in a separate view-window.  The icon changes to to show this photo is currently being viewed.  You may resize the view-window and move it around as required.  You may experience an annoying flicker in the view-window each time you view a different photo.  To avoid this, move the view-window next to your browser rather than over it.

Delete allows you to delete the photo if the icon is displayed.  As mentioned above, you may only delete photos which aren't used in a message posted to the bulletin board.  Before deleting such an "orphaned" photo, though, be sure that it hasn't just been uploaded by you into a post which hasn't been submitted yet.  In this case it appears to be an orphan but isn't really, and if you delete it you may curse, or worse.  The various fields in the photo list table - in particular Id, Uploaded and View should help you avoid this mistake.

By default, the photo list is sorted by photo id.  This fact is indicated by the arrow in the table header's Id column.  An upward-pointing arrow indicates the current sort is ascending (or increasing in value), while indicates it's descending (or decreasing in value).  Click on the arrow key to change the direction of sort.  You may sort on other fields instead, by clicking on the appropriate link in the table header.

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