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 Topic:  Truckee River Hazard near stateline 

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Tin Tin
Posted: May 28, 2006Post Subject: Truckee River Hazard near stateline
On the Farad to Crystal Peak section there is a strainer in the first rapid below stateline dam. The river takes a bend to the right and makes a sort of S-turn. At this flow, around 1200 or so, there is a vertical stick in the center that protrudes from the water. It is easily avoidable in a kayak by skirting to the left.

Looks like it could impale a beer guzzling rafter on a K-Mart floatie.
Posted: Sep 21, 2008Post Subject: Log in river near stateline
The log in Bus Stop rapid has rotated to a downstream angle and is a non-issue. Whether it was a miracle of physics or some motivated river folk, we may never know, but as long as it's out of the way it's coo wit me.
Forums -> Hazards -> Truckee River Hazard near stateline Page 1 of 1